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Who The F*ck Is This Guy

Sitting in my room is pretty lonely and quiet. To remedy this situation I listen to many podcast. Currently I'm listening to Podtoid 8 and jesus fucking christ who the fuck is this guy:

I've been on this site for about a year and 3 months. I've heard of Robert Summa but (while typing this blog I'm listening to the Podtoid and he just said I love kids which is hilarious) is he really this obnoxious? Every minute I hear his voice. They're are five people including him on this Podtoid and every time someone else starts talking he butts in. Its driving me insane. What makes it worse is the fact that he's from Texas which is the same state I'm from! I do not want to be associated with this man in any way. To all you DToiders who were here from the start I have a question, is Robert Summa really this much of a douche?

What a prick.
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