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GTA IV Special Edition (PS3 Version) Unboxed Images..Video...Thing (I Call Legit)


Ah here it goes! Man I feel a little less guilty about spending an extra $30 for the Special Edition. Luckily I'll be able to go to the midnight launch with my friends which is probably a bad idea since the week GTA IV comes out is the week I have to take all of the test which will determine if I'm a senior next year or not.

The box is much different than the original. I'm actually happy that the box is different because I get to feel a little better knowing my friends have the regular case. Supposedly the duffel bag is very small but I don't really mind. Overall i can't wait for April 29th and I hope you assholes get GTA IV so it can become the next big game in FNF.

Also Sharks.
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