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DOOM: First Impressions...Fist Impressions?

Having had a bit of time to play it, it does do an admirable job of capturing the spirit of the original games and it must be said that it's the most enjoyable FPS I've played in some time. It's visual style is reminiscent of Doom 3, ...


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I'm a fat, ginger dude who enjoys video games. That's about the basic level of information you need to understand me.

If you want more depth, I'm like the residue in a coffee cup; cold, hard and bitter. Ok...not really, I'm pretty relaxed, whilst sometimes being staggeringly profane and swear-y and I become mushy when presented with cats.

Aside from that I will play, watch and read whatever I takes my interest - as far as games go I'm mainly an RPG fan because I like my games to consume my life for several days/weeks at a time and my book/film preferences sit mainly in the fantasy/sci-fi/comedy area but nothing's off limits, I like to try new things and expand my horizons.

I've never really done the blogging thing before, but I'm going to have free time on my hands and I enjoy writing so I thought why not try it out. As such, please take anything I write as my opinion only and you are welcome to disagree and debate as you see fit. I may exaggerate for comic effect and devolve into mad rambling on occasion, but hopefully if you read something I've written you'll leave at least slightly amused.

Lastly, If you've stumbled across this then congratulations! Now there's two of us that don't know exactly what this awful mess is.