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PC Review: The Binding of Isaac

The Binding of Isaac, game created by Edmund McMillan (half of Team Meat) and Florian Hilms has a simple premise but a complex one. Giving a homage for Legend of Zelda and references of games and Internet memes, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Isaac and his mother lives happily in their house, Isaac playing with his toys and his mother watching Christian television. Until the day that God tells her to take away everything that is sinful, so his mother takes everything away, even his clothes.

God calls her for a second time and tells that he needs protection; the mother locks him in the room. For the last time, God tells that he needs a sacrifice, and Isaac is the sacrifice. His mother devotion makes her to get a butcher knife, when she is on the way Isaac sees a trap door and jumps right inside it and now the game begin.

In the end The Binding of Isaac is a addicting, hard and extremely fun game. Edmund, Florian and Danny makes a perfect trio for making games, and i hope that they make more in the same format. It has a price of five bison dollars on Steam and the soundtrack for one buck, and it's worth a lot more than that, making almost infinite hours of the game, especially if you suck at games like me.

A overall score of 9.5
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