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Impressions: BlackLight: Retribution

Well, I won the code at Dtoid so I will make a nice little impression of my of the game so far.

The Perfect World guys, and Developer Zombie announced the sequel to Blacklight: Tango Down, after some time Blacklight: Retribution is getting a closed beta experience. After the Core Client install, I downloaded and installed BL:R. The Core page and system resembles Steam and Origin interface, with the normal upper bar with the settings but only for only their games. It's pretty simple and user friendly showing the stuffs that needs to download and only that.

They are pretty rad!

They are using the Unreal Engine 3, and it's actually pretty good to look at, sometimes I got annoyed with that glow like on the object, because I've seen it so many times in other games, but it covers the basics like it should. I am playing on medium graphics and I'm satisfied with it.

In the end, Blacklight: Retribution is looking to be a nice F2P game, i think it won't make a whole in the F2P FPS genre, specially with Tribes: Ascend coming, but it is a nice game to play with. And the have freaking mechs! So go play it!
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