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Ranting Time: LA Noire

Ok, Im really liking this game but I have some problems with it, some big ones that almost makes the game unplayable but I love the aesthetic and the setting too much to leave it. First, I like to talk about how awesome the game is, I pic...


PC Review: Sonic Generations

I am a big fan of Sonic, it was the first game I played in my whole life on Master System and Sonic 2 was my first game played on the Genesis, but I stopped after Adventure and never got into play the newer ones. When Generations got announ...


Obscurity: Soldat

I was eleven, twelve years old (I have eighteen now) and a good friend of mine borrowed me a CD with a lot small games and some programs inside. I looked at the CD with enormous curiosity seeing written Soldat on it. I inserted the CD on my...


PC Review: The Binding of Isaac

The Binding of Isaac, game created by Edmund McMillan (half of Team Meat) and Florian Hilms has a simple premise but a complex one. Giving a homage for Legend of Zelda and references of games and Internet memes, but this is just the tip of ...


PC Review: Limbo

Limbo got released in July 2010, after a year Playdead decided to release it on PC and PS3, does it make a good port? Limbo is a well known game for winning a series of indie prizes; it was launched in 2010 with Xbox Live exclusivity, in A...


About Henriquegdsone of us since 7:07 AM on 03.16.2011

Hello, my name is Henrique and i'm from Brazil, it's a nice place and all (except for the crazy taxes on games). I started playing games when I was eight with the Master System, the first game i finished was this game.

Three years later i got my Genesis from my cousin and i was deeply in love with it, my first Genesis game was this masterpiece.

I still have all this games in safe place just for me to look at and feel the nostalgia. Four years later me and my brother bought a PC and now we are working with it like crazy. I've also had a PS2, but now is gone.

I like a lot of things, movies, sitcoms, books, mostly every form of entertainment and culture. I want to study programming in the future and do some real blogging. My dream is to make a game from the bottom trough the top.

I'm currently playing The Binding of Isaac, Portal 2, Sonic Generations, Super Meat Boy, L.A Noire, and SKYRIM!!!!!

Oh, I almost forgot, I'm running a Core 2 Duo 2.2 GHz, with 4 GB of RAM and a Geforce GT220 on my pc. Pretty much that's it!