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Battle Fantasia: Bunny vs. Viking

Battle Fantasia is a fantastic fighting game brought to you by the creators of Guilty Gear. It is incredibly fun, insanely silly, and nobody seems to play it, or even know about it. I've watched people play on-line matches and they on...


The Forgotten: Radiata Stories

There are many RPG's in the world and some can left behind and forgotten. Radiata Stories is a perfect example of this. This particular RPG was amazing and actually gave you some replay value, which is very seldom the case...


About Helenaquestionone of us since 10:57 AM on 12.30.2008

Hello out there, just wanted y'all to know I was finally forced into getting skype. So, if you need my name just let me know.

So, this is my first go at an official fancy pants blog. I'm slow to learn all this websitey goodness, so forgive me. I'll do the best I can to not always fail at blogging. At any rate I will try to leave my myspace info since that is slightly more developed and will give you a better sense of who I am.


If that doesn't work I will just keep trying. Although it doesn't help that this particular website doesn't seem to like me. :(