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Fans May Cry, but should you? (Fan Rage Analysis)

If you are late to the party, you may not realize that there is a new Devil May Cry game on the horizon. You may also be unaware, that fans are pissed.

The original DmC series was developed by Capcom to much critical success, spawning a fanbase as rabid as any of their other insanely popular series, like Megaman. Unfortunately, this also means that any misstep, however minor, sends fans into a steroid-like rage and no one is safe from their insane detractions from a game that hasn't even been played by them, yet.

angry yet?

The shortlist of 'bad' things about the game reboot seem to amount to:

1. Gameplay 'looks' slow.

A sober judgement based on a pre-alpha gameplay build. This does not stop fans who are desperately looking for reasons to hate to obsessively pore over 15 seconds of gameplay, making assumptions based on every frame of animation, no matter what stage of completion the game is at. This is as ridiculous as telling a 3 year old they will never be able to draw because they drew a stick figure with four fingers.

2. Dante has black hair, isn't cheeky enough (read as: spewing childish one-liners, carelessly upbeat about being impaled on sharp objects).

The Japanese habit of giving character outlandishly colored hair has always been popular in the west. I do tend to gravitate towards girls with purple hair, but that usually comes with an interesting set of piercings. In America, at least. Since the new Devil May Cry is a reboot, that means things will change. Since the original was thrown together from a scrapped Resident Evil project, I would say the original story came together nicely, but it certainly didn't give Dante any real depth aside from an asshole brother (as stoic as Dante is irreverent), and strong mommy / daddy issues.

In that instance, I would imagine a troubled and hilariously overpowered youth, smoking like he's been to war and being a general delinquent. Comparisons have been made to Twilight, but I he would have to be an abusive boyfriend to a literary every-woman that your bored girlfriend can relate to. Whoops.

3. 30 fps gameplay.

Now, this would be a serious problem if Devil May Cry was a fighting game, but it's not. It has some fighting game conventions, but let's try to break this accusation down a little further:

A change from 60 to 30 sounds terrible on paper, but what gameplay truly depends on is how responsive those frames are. The average response time for someone from visual stimuli to input is a 215ms. That is when people are primed to react. So, assuming that the game runs at 60FPS, that gives you roughly 14 (instead of 7, of course) windows of opportunity to react, assuming that you aren't in a move you cannot cancel into a counter, block, evasion, etc. Even with that said, that doesn't mean there are 60 individual frames of animation being rendered for Dante. Since he has a sword and guns, Ebony and Ivory would probably be his jab and it is much faster than a jab would be in a fighter. I will just assume since not too many people have the frame data for DmC (after all, it's not a 'true' fighting game; I can find plenty of combo information, but not much comprehensive for i10 or frame counts, so I can't really take this indictment seriously.

Now, assuming that the game is slowed down to compensate...DmC 3 was my absolute favorite. The action was fast and satisfying but a lot of the games most powerful and stylish combos were repetitive combos, cancel-swaps and so on, but per second, there were probably 3-5 max. If they can bring the action back while delivering more crisp visuals and less particle shit on screen, i don't see myself missing out on much.

Takahashi Meijin can tap a button 16x per second. that's just barely over half and without any enemies to fell. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the transition from 60 to 30 for the franchise isn't negligible, but not crucial, either
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