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About Heavy_Kevyone of us since 1:15 PM on 02.09.2007

Ah, favorite games would probably have to be, Oregon Trail!
no seriously I think I remember playing that for about five minutes.

I was really into Warcraft II, Total Annihilation, Jedi Knight I + II, Halflife 1 + 2, LoZ OoT, Smash Bros. (I never got around to playing Melee) Metal Slug (any of them). Oh and I played the shit out of me and my Katamari. I should play that game again.

I'm medium-to-average hardcore I suppose. I dunno, I like playing games but I try to do other things too. I've been studying japanese for a while, I lived there for about a year. (in Tokyo, it was CRAZY...I really want to go back)


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