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I would like to see MM3 Powered Up, How about you?

You know what I want? For Capcom to make Megaman 3 Powered Up for the PSP, that's right. As much as a great game MM2 was, I enjoy MM3 more. (*note: I will not go into massive detail about it.) Why? One, you get a lot more bosses to fight:...


The Future of Kingdom Hearts

In an interview with Famitsu, Tetsuya Nomura has given details to possible changes for the international version of Birth by Sleep as well as some speculation of future installments for the series: – We’re anxious when it comes to the n...


How shall I introduce myself?...

I pondered on how I would introduce myself to the community, so I thought of saying, er typing this: Hello everyone, name's healerdoc (the one and only on the internet, I suppose), well okay no my name is really Jose, but that's going way...


About Healerdocone of us since 7:57 PM on 02.09.2010

Name's Jose aka healerdoc, I started with a SNES (was given away) at the age of 4 along with a copy of Killer Instinct, speed time to 1 year later, I got into the Pokemon Series with Red and still do to this day, Had an N64 (was given away), PS2 console (got broken) later replaced by a Gamecube (got stolen), got a new PS2 (still have it and it's the slim), moving along. Ascertained a Wii and have the following handeheld consoles: DS Lite (still works but the top screen can't be held up) and a PSP 1000 series (it sill works!). Wow, either I have bad luck or someone really enjoys my losses, oh well. At least I can look on the bright side of things, plus isn't better to help others?

Anyways, luck of both kinds aside, I enjoy the following 2 series: Pokemon and Kingdom Hearts.

Pokemon because I simply enjoy playing the games and catching them all (yay for over 400 pokemon)

Kingdom Hearts because I love the story and the inclusion of the disney and final fantasy characters, plus the music is beautiful as well as awesome.

Well, that seemed kind of short, but what can I say, I feel the need to... Not even going to say it.