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Mass Effect 3 is gaming's Return of the King

If Mass Effect 1 was the gaming equivalent of Star Wars: A New Hope and Mass Effect 2 was the gaming equivalent of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, what does that make Mass Effect 3? It canít really be compared to Return of the Jedi since thereís no reconciling between Shepard and his/her father. The reapers are completely dealt with in Mass Effect 3 while Return of the Jedi isnít necessarily the end of the Empire. The main hero in Star Wars returns from his final battle unscathed while in Mass Effect the hero doesnít.

A much better comparison would be Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. Return of the King is similar to Mass Effect 3 in its themes, story progression, and even their ending controversies. Yes the ROTK movie has a controversial ending as well. Letís start from the beginning though.

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