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I, The Author: Flakes

Incase I get any questions: The game is called Clonk Rage, it is a mostly free game and can be found at http://www.clonk.de/cr.php

Operation Atlantis. If the name itself didn’t curse it, divine powers did. It had been done before, sure, but there is still something very out of place when you hear the words “You will be building a mining colony on a slab of ice in the middle of the Arctic Ocean.”. I’m unable use the real names of anyone involved in any document detailing the events, so here are the ‘names’ of those involved: There was me, Captain Fang, I was in charge and gave only important orders, in reality we were to do whatever it took to survive, but I was on call to ensure no huge mistakes were made by the rest of the team. There was the Ensign, Arc Bled, a partially experienced worker who had been on one of these kinds of jobs before. Then there was Jack, the completely new recruit with no experience and little training.

On a slab of ice with barely enough equipment as it was, they gave us someone who’s first words when we arrived was complaining about the cold. Brilliant.

And so, we were placed on a cliff edge overlooking a pool of a few fish, with about half of our new home being on unstable snow with more snow coming. I decided to start digging a little cave to put our little igloo in for this little operation that was already a little annoying. Arc and Jack immediately began trying to get the igloo ready for movement – It was made of ice, so it would be fairly slippery, a blessing and a curse in this situation – into what would become our cave. I decided, jokingly, to name it ‘Cave Inutwits’, just to get that tiny laugh that raises morale out of them. And then, disaster.

Jack…Why oh why…Within minutes of me finishing the cave, Jack immediately managed to get the igloo stuck…underground slightly. A fish turned away in disgust. The wind slowly started going the opposite direction. Arc almost fell over due to a mixture of laughter and tears. Before we could even start building anything useful, our accommodation was fairly…ruined. We couldn’t call for help because we had no power source. And all the construction plans and materials were inside the igloo. Acting fast, we started trying to dig it out. After a few minutes of ‘nearly-there’ and ‘make sure you don’t flood the cave’, we managed to slide the block of ice into the cave. And then, disaster two struck.

The snow started violently falling. Avalanches of snow melted into the ocean, rising sea levels dramatically. We noticed this just before it become too late and, amongst swearing and shouting, built a few holes for the water to fill, buying us some time at the least. We tried to discover a way to safely get the Igloo out of the cave. No such like. We save it here or it goes under. We could take the materials out of it, but the amount of time it would take would make it a dangerous idea. We pushed on.

Morale was, expectedly, low. I took a brief minute, half frozen with an ocean on the verge of crashing through and drowning us, to say a small speech, the orange flag of our nation somehow waving in the breeze in our underground ice cavern. It would have been a very patriotic moment if it wasn’t for the three of us wearing clothes that were nearly filled with ice water and us all having developed fairly bad snotty noses. I told them to stay down here and think of ways to slow the water long enough for me to get a pipe system up so that I could try to pump some water out of the base. However, the snow disagreed with my plan.

The site was laid, but in the time it took me to go down and get the materials, snow covered it. Then, if it wasn’t bad enough, the snow picked up significantly more. The water rose and got into the cave, forcing poor old Jack to dig further into the ice, water already up to his knees. It was more hopeless than I could have imagined. It was a miracle we had made it this long. But then, things started to take a turn from pessimism to absolute hopelessness and from struggling to maintain a stable home to struggling to maintain life.

While trying to lower the water as much as possible, the snow picked up and changed direction. Within seconds, Arc was trapped up to his waist in snow with water rising dangerously around him. Jack rushed to try and help him, but soon noticed; If he helped him get out of the snow and water, what was left of the cave would fill with water even quicker. He did what he could, getting as close as possible without causing the water to break into the cave. But, he messed up. Accidentally, Jack moved a clump of snow which caused the water to violently thrash its way into the cavern. Looking down, it was too late. Arc had already died.

R.I.P Ensign Arc Bled.

I jumped down into the snow and started digging to try and give Jack a way to get out of the water, digging into the ice furiously. Despite the freezing cold, my body was on fire. That fire was quickly snuffed out of life as I slipped into the water itself. We had nothing left. No hope, no help and no warmth. We were going to die. I decided, if it was the last thing I would do, I would do something to make finding my body god knows when important.. I swam through the brutal water, feeling ice slap against my body where it was beginning to freeze. I swam under, and I got that god damned flag.

A few minutes later, the cold set in, and Jack, already weak from the water that hit him while trying to save Arc, stopped.

R.I.P Recruit Jack, his corpse will remain as fresh as he was before he died.

And then, there was me. Corpses, water, snow and a negative outlook on what I thought were to be my last few minutes alive. And that was when I noticed. As the water rose, I was getting closer and closer to the edge of a small ledge. I quickly swam to it, weighed down heavily by what felt like bricks. I clawed by way up and found my way to a point. I looked back over the cave, the ‘lake’ and then felt the flag drop out of my back and slide into a pool of fish. It was as over as it was going to get. Two men, a ton of supplies and my complete sanity were the losses. The gain was that I didn’t have to spend years here digging for gold and oil.

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