DeS: Sephora makes esports debut with GIRLGAMER
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Now Before We Begin...

I am Branden Sumerix. Amateur film director. Muti-Support Specialist. Gaming Expert ;) and much, much more. I currently write for GameSkinny, GamerCheese, B-TEN, and my own website High-Def Gaming. Be sure to check out "BSWeekly" *snicker snicker* to see my latest and greatest. I will not do overly short anything. I base my content on my reviews, news and more. My reviews, just like Destructoid's, are on a 10 point basis.
Thanks for reading you stalkers! Enjoy!

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I am the owner of High-Def Gaming and the support specialist for multiple companies. I am a contributor to GamerCheese and am newer here but not new to content. I am 17 and plan to make it big one day.