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'Prey 2' might actually be awesome

If you read my review of “Prey” in the Shippensburg Slate (and you most likely didn’t), you’d know I wasn’t a fan of the game. The game’s big draws felt gimmicky and nothing really stood out to me. The portals, wall-walking and alien settings just didn’t do anything for me – even the later “spirit” powers seemed to be a tad racist (Tommy is a Native American so of course he’d have a spirit bird, right? Right???).

Recently, to my surprise, a Prey 2 was announced. Though the series has changed hands, now being developed by Human Head Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks, the sequel will allegedly keep many of the series’ traits – first person shooting and alien abductions. Only this time, with a slight twist.

Prey’s protagonist Tommy has been replaced by a U.S. Sky Marshall named Killian Samuels (have you ever heard a faker sounding name?). The first teaser trailer for the game showed what appeared to be aliens abducting an airplane full of people, with Samuels on board. The game will still be an FPS but the presentation will be different. Rather than having Samuels take on a space ship full of hostile aliens in a linear story, Prey 2 will allegedly feature a large, open (alien) world where Samuels will (you know, allegedly) be taking on the role of an intergalactic bounty hunter. The story (details of which are still unknown) will apparently be open-ended and Samuels will employ “parkour-style movement” to traverse the alien setting. Other confirmed elements are the ability to move stealthily in the shadows and will also not support multiplayer, 3D or motion controls.

If all those things turn out to be true, Prey 2 could soon find itself near the top of my most wanted list. From the sounds of those details, Prey 2 could be a mix of Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s open-ended mission structure and the easy, free movement of Brink – unsurprisingly, DX:HR and Brink are two of my most wanted games right now. But I’m trying not to get too excited yet. Literally no other information, screens or a release date have been given to the public. I’m pretty interested in something they haven’t talked about yet – are the aliens still using those weird looking doors? Because that could be a dealbreaker.
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