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Have you ever #4 Had RL Rage due to a game


Now I'm quite sure we've all been there, it's just a bit of fun you don't care if you A) Win B) Get the high score C) Beat the boss, but you get to your second round/attempt time is ticking on and you start to forget that your playing a game to have fun in your spare time and you start to tense. These are the telltale early signs of gaming rage.

Speaking from my own experiences it seems to get better with age, you stop caring as much and will simply play something else. But when I was younger and I had more pride in my gaming (never thought I'd call it that) if someone was to beat me at something be they artificial, online, or even sat beside me I would need my revenge!

Sometimes it's the simple throw the pad down and say something a bit inappropriate for an empty room, "God damn it you spunk eating zebra!" but that's not so bad you can cool off and try again. But when it happens repeatedly and it just eats away at you, you will realise that your no longer just talking to yourself but you are losing control of your actions (the vbest being the sag your limbs back and look away from the screen in disbelief so as to not "lose it").

But does this happen to everyone? I mean come on now, were adults, we don't need to give in to the stereotypical papers that label us as impressionable saying that games make us violent. I always get by any anger I have with games in another way now . . . I just don't accept it.

"My blue buttons gone weird I totally got that note!"

"I shot you like ten times in the face what the fuck, stupid laggy bastard get a better connection from your shitty country"

"You can't hit me when I'm down! I can't even press anything then you cheating piece of shit!"

"Aww come on now stop using the machine gun you sad sack of syphilis! Let's all camp and use that and then no one will have fun you fucking goomba!"

Here's someone who seems to share my shouting policy . . . . .

But it never lasts, it's not like true rage/anger. I've seen some bad cases of it where people break pads and games because there so annoyed, but deep down it's because they know themselves it's just because they couldn't do it, there isn't anyone else to blame. We don't become hooligans from this, like football fans (soccer to you yanks) I remember my dad telling me on his way back from a match against his teams' "rivals" that he punched a bus window in. Just to put this in perspective, my dad still acts like everyone is a young lad and that there is no evil in the world and has only said "shit" about 5 times in my life span he isn't a violent man (Not that im relating violence and swearing).

I think we all get it but I'd like to hear from you guys, 'cos I know there are a lot of "hardcore gamers" out there who won't take a loss easily and then there are you guys who just sit back and enjoy and laugh it off. I like to think I'm a bit of column A and a bit of column B when it comes down to it, I don't get mad I just like to talk to myself.

Just laugh it off
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