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Can you justify buying a console just for a must have game?


I have bought 2 of the 3 out of the console war for this very reason, I had to have my sequels!!

But the question I am posing is this? Can anyone really justify shelling out as much as we do, just because that console has had the foresight to make it's big hit a "insert name here" only title?

I myself had to have zelda and smash brothers(still waiting on that one) So I had my Wii pre ordered months before the UK release and got it the day it came out. Where has it left me? Collecting the last few stars available on Super Mario Galaxy. Now don't get me wrong, I love that game and everything about it and I've h ad some fun with the party titles and look forward to purchasing No More Heroes when I get some cash. But I don't think I can honestly say I'm going to get my moneys worth so far. True the Wii is trying and it's still waiting for some more big hits, but I feel as though I was promised more than this. Even if Smash Brothers had been on release I would have only had that game really to show for it (which after Melee I wouldn't have minded so much). But since theres still plenty on the horizon for the wii I shall move onto my main debate.

Do I really have to get a PS3?

Now before we start I originally wanted a PS3 to go with my 360, because even though this is my first take on a xbox product I wanted both for seperate reasons which I applaud Sony and Microsoft for since they marketed them both well. I would have loved my media powerhouse that will have Metal Gear and Final Fantasy on it's way because then incase of Blue Ray invasion I am ready and willing to be taken over. And with Microsoft I've got all the live shops awesome games, an great multiplayer games that my pc can't run unless I upgrade. But the thing is, when you look closely now there is a genuine lack of difference between the two. Blue ray is good and all that, but it doesn't make me want a PS3, Metal Gear Solid 4 does! But even with Home and PSN I can't really see the need to have another console sat on my floor sucking power from my house in order to turn on. Now I am a huge fan of Metal Gear and followed it from the PSX (never tried the originals before that) and I loved the remake on GC and portable ops was pretty fun too. But I can't be serious in thinking that as soon as I hear Hideo Kojima isn't going to port MGS4 to my beloved 360 that I willingly go into the shop and a get a full version of a PS triple.

Many of my friends recently came before me in their hour of need, they had the predicament that I wasn't playing on my PC as much and they needed help with "insert MMO time consumer" and "insert FPS team to lead" and asked me what I was doing with all my time. After explaining to them the wonders of my 360 4 of my friends purchased one within the week and have never been happier. But all of them love MGS and FF and I cannot tell them at all what I think they should do now.

So I leave the question to you fellow Dtoiders, can anyone really justify needing a game so much they will spend up to 5 times the games cost to purchase the console to run it on. I mean this isn't Rock Band (which I am waiting for) this is something that could run on another of the consoles that would be more worth my time. This isn't meant to start another console war conversation btw I am mainly interested in peoples experiences if they have ever purchased a console just for a certain game (i'd assume a gamecube mainly because that only had 10 worthwhile games but all of them were worth 20 PS2 ones).
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