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The Fireworks Festival!

It has been months since I last did a blog. I was planning on doing them weekly or something but then didn't. I suddenly have the urge to talk about it again and realized that I stopped at a whopping two blogs (that explained very little ab...


Adjusting to School/Japan

My last entry was a bit more of a bunch of bulleted paragraphs than a recount of events or thoughts so Iím going to try and give this one a more flowing structure. That doesnít mean it will be totally cohesive though; particularly these ear...


AIU ni Yokosou

*dusts off Destructoid account* Hey guys, Harris Hatsworth/The Mad March Harris/Undetermined new username here. I havenít been around for a while and this blog series is going to be a summary of what Iíve been doing the past few months. ...


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I'm a 20 year-old degenerate Canadian currently studying Political Science at University of Toronto. I'm about to finish my third year and I'm doing so abroad in Japan (and as far as I can think that time is going to be all I use this blog for for a while).

I own a PS3, Wii, PS2, DS, PSP, and a SNES and have a considerable gaming collection. I only brought the PS3 with me to Japan and I don't really use it all that much. In fact, I'm not really sure if I plan to keep gaming in the future. At least, not nearly as much as I used to.