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New Double Fine game NOW ONLINE

It's called "Host Master and the Conquest of Humor", and it's a point and click adventure available on the official Double Fine website. The game is about Tim Schafer (host of the 2009 GDC Awards!) trying to find a joke before having to g...


Attn Dtoid: fantastic deals at Target

Today I naively thought that I'd be able to find a copy of Madworld at Target. I know that the game shipped to stores yesterday and should arrive in stores tomorrow, but I'm just too damn excited for the game to wait. So anyway, I arrive at...


A (late) proper introduction; look at my things

Dear Destructoid, I suck. I stumbled upon this fine community a little under a year ago, created an account about half a year ago, and since then, I have done nothing but quietly lurk without saying much. And frankly, I'm tired of idly re...


Sam and Max to use Miis on Wii?

Because I have a terrible computer that can hardly run Halo 1 (with minimal specs), I have been very excited about Sam and Max Season One coming over to the Wii. Sure, it could just been a quick and dirty port, but as long as Telltale hasn'...


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