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The Big Bang Theoryís Greatest Game Moments.


Finally, weíve received the social acceptance weíve strived so hard for. For years we were the victim of bullying and mean spirited jokes but finally, finally, nerds and gamers are no longer singled out as socially maladjusted manbabies. And itís thanks to shows like The Big Bang Theory that portray gamers in a positive light, that donít rely on lazy stereotypes or defamation of our culture, that weíre at last being laughed with, and not at.

The Big Bang Theory, in case you didnít know, is an incredibility well written show about a couple called Penny and Leonard an autistic man named Sheldon theoretical physicists who somehow canít afford their own place nerds. In fact the writing is so good that the audience laughs at roughly every sentence and they even came up with a wacky catchphrase. Sometimes the nerds say nerd things, and sometimes they say science things, which is funny because everybody is laughing so it must be good.

The Time They Play a Game.

Oh man, look at them play those videogames, isnít that funny? You know theyíre real games-masters because of how they hard they type their keyboards, none of them even need a mouse. And real gamers use headsets to talk to each other even when theyíre in the same room, theyíre definitely not wearing them to undermine their image and make them look stupid in the eyes of the viewer. And look how seriously they take it, everybody knows videogames are trivial distractions.

Games Are Better Than Sex

Ha, you idiots, stop enjoying yourselves and objectify those women, those women who came to laugh at you.

Gaming addiction.

It was very brave of Big Bang Theory to broach such a serious topic as addiction in such a tasteful way. It showed how after just minutes of playing an MMO a person can become instantly addicted like itís turbocrack. Itís also great how they implied that people playing online games are devoid of any real life accomplishments. I hope a lot of parents watched this episode, and remembered to fear gaming all over again. I canít wait to discuss this down at the ďvirtual tavernĒ.

A Girl Plays a Videogame.

This is funny on so many levels. I mean first of all, thereís a girl playing a game, thatís already hilarious in its sheer audacity, but then the idea that sheís actually good at them? Thatís just crazytown. But the icing on the cake here is Sheldonís zinger about how attractive people canít be good at games, hoo boy, theyíve got our number, keep reading ugly.

Wii Bowling Night.

Oh look, theyíre taking games seriously again, isnít that funny? Wii Sports has appeared in about five episodes of BBT during my research, and itís always hysterical because theyíre not actually doing the thing that it looks like theyíre doing, but I chose this clip because it doesnít just have fun with gamers, it manages to joke with Jewish people, homosexuals, the disabled too! No wonder this show is so popular!

A Girl Plays a Videogame Again.

Now thatís more like it, look at that stupid annoying woman, with her ďpew pewĒ sounds and pink laptop, and her insistence that her boyfriend wear a matching outfit. She didnít even know how to play the right away on her first time! Thatís what itís really like when a woman plays a game. At least I assume thatís what itís like, Iíve never seen it happen, Iím just a stupid ugly gamer like the rest of us after all.

Games Are Better Than Sex Again.

Remember when Halo upgraded to Halo 3 and included all those hi-def graphics and enhanced weapons systems? Thatís how you know the writers did at least four minutes of research. And of course sex hasnít been upgraded to include those things, that joke made so much sense it gave me a migraine. But everything turns out okay because only a nerdlinger wouldnít prioritise sex over everything else, like spending time with your friends, what a loser.

The Time They Name Some Videogames.

Hahahaha, the audience sure loved that one! You can really tell what huge nerds they are what with the massive collection of 24 games theyíve accumulated over the last five console generations. They donít even have the right consoles to play some of those games, thatís how dedicated they are and how well thought out that skit was. But really the true genius here is how just saying the name of some games is the punchline, itís almost as if the idea that someone likes the biggest entertainment medium in the world somehow hilarious.

Thank God we have shows like the Big Bang Theory to represent us in the mainstream, people were almost beginning to judge us for themselves there, we sure dodged that bullet. I only hope that someday I can write something as funny and insightful as The Big Bang Theory but for now I guess Iíll just have to rely on these recordings of people laughing and this giant ďAPPLAUSEĒ sign to trick people into thinking something funny is happening.

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