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Fanart Flops: Eyebleach, I Choose You Edition.

Welcome to Fanart Flops, the Destructoid blog that feeds off your disgust and broken childhood nostalgia like a sponge made of hate.

This time we focus on the popular fantasy cockfighting simulator for children, Pokemon! Pokemon and I have a strange relationship, back in my youth, at the height of the Pokemon fad should have been great for me, but my parents wouldnít buy me a Gameboy, I loved games and for once, my main interest was what was popular with everyone else and I couldnít join in. I tried to keep up with everyone, I watched the show, I learned the names and numbers, I collected cards and stickers (one time I swapped a Blastoid for a shiny Mew, a shiny Mew, that kid got robbed) but in the end, I was just living a lie.

So, if I canít enjoy Pokemon,nobody can enjoy Pokemon! Normally I try to leave a comment or remark after every picture but this editionís batch is so bizarre that Iím actually left speechless by most of them, I just.....I donít even know....youíll see what I mean...

Have you ever wondered what Ditto would look like as a man? Of course you havenít.

This could have just been a picture of a couple of guy chilling out with some beers, but Waluigi had to go and make things weird.

I quite like this one.

Yeah, this isnít fanart.....this actually happened...

Handyís Fanart.

This time I decided to go for the ďNuhhh what if Pokemon were real, thatíd be like animal abuseĒ route and came out with this...

Chippers used eyepeck. Itís super effective!

P.S. Iím sorry for destroying your mind with all that.
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