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Fanart Flops: Eyebleach, I Choose You Edition.

Welcome to Fanart Flops, the Destructoid blog that feeds off your disgust and broken childhood nostalgia like a sponge made of hate.

This time we focus on the popular fantasy cockfighting simulator for children, Pokemon! Pokemon and I have a strange relationship, back in my youth, at the height of the Pokemon fad should have been great for me, but my parents wouldn�t buy me a Gameboy, I loved games and for once, my main interest was what was popular with everyone else and I couldn�t join in. I tried to keep up with everyone, I watched the show, I learned the names and numbers, I collected cards and stickers (one time I swapped a Blastoid for a shiny Mew, a shiny Mew, that kid got robbed) but in the end, I was just living a lie.

So, if I can�t enjoy Pokemon,nobody can enjoy Pokemon! Normally I try to leave a comment or remark after every picture but this edition�s batch is so bizarre that I�m actually left speechless by most of them, I just.....I don�t even know....you�ll see what I mean...

Chippers used eyepeck. It�s super effective!

P.S. I�m sorry for destroying your mind with all that.
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