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Viral site demands we join the 2nd Mass


Dtoid HQ received a weird little package over the weekend containing a beat up FlipUltra camera containing the video you see above. A note was also attached that read "You have been chosen to join the 2ndMass PRESS PLAY

Head on over to the website and you'll see coordinates that point to San Diego and three links. The G over "fiGht" displays a clock counting down to something, the V in "surVival" plays part of the above video and the little scrap of paper to the right takes you to the Wikipedia page for QR codes.

So what the hell is this all about? Not really sure. The return address on the envelope goes back to Turner Entertainment and it's obvious that whatever this is about will be revealed at Comic-Con later this month.

Movie Viral received this package too and they believe it has something to do with Steven Spielberg's new series called Falling Skies, which probably doesn't have a damn thing to do with videogames. Neat!

[Thanks, Agent_M!]
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