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I didn't think it would be possible based on PAX 08, but last weekend easily topped last year's PAX and has officially become the BEST. WEEKEND. OF. MY. LIFE!

I got to see a bunch of old friends, make new ones, missed the ones that couldn't make it out and just had a blast. I was at PAX a total of 12 hours between Friday and Saturday and yet I didn't play a single thing. That's not why I went though. I went to meet up with you guys and gals in person and just have fun.

It always will blow me away just how well this community treats each other. You're all kind as FUCK!

I want to thank everyone for their gifts.

Thanks to Gandy for the shark fin ice tray. Actually, I don't need to thank you. I flashed you my junk in thanks.

The GHost for the CArd! Oh, and for the Wipe on Sex Appeal ...

GrumpyTurtle for the crazy awesome drawing!

Mikey for the original print of CTZ!

Most of all, thanks to Maya for the gifts and just everything else you've brought into my life.

Maya had Faith make the pixel bead art of CTZ which is awesome and the shark necklace was custom made by a friend of Maya's in Hawaii. Thank you!!!!

ALSO! Thank you to Stella for getting me this Core Drill from Gurren Lagann and a Dai Gurren Brigade symbol cell phone charm. Totally wasn't expecting it and it means more to me than she or anyone probably realizes!

I miss you all and will hopefully see you all again next year in Seattle and Boston.
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