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Executive decision: Fail blogs will be terminated

I just had to hide two blogs in a row because of the amount of fail that was within them. I am sick and tired of seeing blogs with just one sentence and that serve no purpose AT ALL. They hinder the development of the C-Blogs and make this place look like shit.

People with common sense should be able to understand what they are writing as good or not. I will not bother contacting anyone that does this. I will just hide your blog. If I see it come up again, then I will delete. Then banning for the third offense.

EDIT: Sorry, I wasn't clear enough: Fail as in it's just one sentence that is horribly hard to understand cause the person doesn't have a grasp on the English language.

The lul videos at least have some sort of content to them, whether they're videogame related or not. The new system we're devising will help separate things like that in the future so if you don't want to see the lulz videos, then you won't but others will. Look at this guy's blogs and you'll understand what I'm targeting: http://www.destructoid.com/blogs/big+daddy+man/gh3-64383.phtml
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