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Community! Change is coming! Help us help you before the rebirth!


The new Dtoid approaches. Requested features, better UI, updates and more importantly, FUSION!

The new Dtoid is going to roll out in a few months and we have a little request from everyone here to help with the transition. Please update your e-mail account on the front page/cblogs and the forums so that they are the SAME e-mail address. Yes, the next Dtoid will be a unified Dtoid so you will need just one login and you'll have a central (and better) PM system.

I'll be nagging everyone from time to time about this until the big push comes. Having one email address for both accounts will ensure a clean import and as few dupe accounts as possible. Also, if your forum and main page user name is different, let me (VIA EMAIL, NOT HERE: [email protected]) know so we can change that.

This announcement also applies to your Japanator, Tomopop and [REDACTED] main page/forum accounts. Yes, one central Modern Method login ID. Get excite.
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