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Godfather 2: The Movie Game Shirt Poster, and how I'm up on Destructoid

So some people and I 'won' some Godfather 2 shwag because of our ultra sexy faces. And because I live in the land of tea, tophats, and The Mighty Boosh, it's surprising to see it arrive so soon after CTZ made us aware of our epic win.

Because a package from the ever mystical 'America' is the kind of thing one dreams of getting, the kind of thing one only sees on the telly. I decided to do a Engadget-esque unboxing.

Looks good doesn't it? Clearly the chaps down at Royal Mail are expert handlers of other people's property.

I wasn't the one that recieved the package, but I'm fairly sure it was drop-kicked to my door.

It was all professional looking up until 'Yanier' which is obviously a fake name used for tax evasion purposes, duh (aka 'neiro').

Shirt front.

Shirt back.

Generic quote.

Now that I am very happy with, I think it's better than the shirt (which will rarely be worn for fear of being ostracised by my generation for wearing something that isn't 'scene').

I think I'm going to have to move some stuff about to make room for it though ;).

Now, I know all of this is PR shwag, to increase product awareness. So it likley didn't cost Destructoid anything to buy. However, I know for a fact that the mailing will have cost something. It may or may not have been covered by the same people who provided the gear, but still. Money is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING. And I feel flattered to have been spent on.

I can be very cynical about competitions such as this because of my 'Eurofag' status. As companies more often than not will only give shit to Northern America. This kind of thing is turning me into a better, less jaded person.

God forbid...

PS: I don't even like the movies, and I sure as shit don't intend to buy the games. Does that make you angry?

PPS: Everything I touch turns into pure win.
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