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5 Gaming Bullet Points: Pick-ups, 1st Week PSP impressions, Devil Survivor


*I was a bit busy over the weekend so I didnít actually even turn on either of the HD consoles but I did finally finish up Devil Survivor on the DS. I havenít actually gotten much use out of my DS but this game made it worth having. I finished it and immediately started a second playthrough. Iím eagerly awaiting the sequel that comes out at the end of July.

*Now that that is over, I have to move onto something new. I actually have a pretty sizeable backlog at this point but that hasnít stopped me from picking up a bunch of stuff. I picked up Crackdown 2 and Lost Planet 2 for the Xbox. These are my choices for online co-op with friends, though Crackdown seems to be the winner with everyone else Iím hoping someone will want to do Lost Planet 2 with me.

*Beyond that I picked up some more portable stuff as well. Since I picked up a PSP last week I went on a bit of a game buying spree. I picked up four more PSP games; Silent Hill Origins, Devil Summoner, Me and My Katamari, and the first Persona game. I really wanted a copy of The Warriors but it wasnít released in Japan and the import copies I found were priced in the realm of ridiculous so Iíll just have a friend send a copy from the US I think.

*So far, Iím enjoying the PSP. I havenít put a ton of time into it but I played around with the net radio and tested out a few minutes of each game to see how they play. I probably should have picked one up sooner considering the large amount of games I want to play for it. Once PSN is back up (still not up in Japan) Iíll think about getting something new.

*Speaking of that, I hope Japan gets some interesting stuff in their ďWelcome BackĒ package. The US one is OK for the PS3 but the PSP games are lacking. Hopefully Japan will have different choices.
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