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Add me up on Switch, folks.


So, are the newest switches being sold still scratching their docks? I got a weird setup to avoid that, it's kind of a hassle.


I didn't pay much mind to Kimetsu no Yaiba because I thought it was just yet another SHOUNEN... If it is, it's even better than Boku no Hero right now, goddamn I can't stop reading the mangá.


I think nothing gets under my skin more than raw stress, I can work/study for hours without end without much issue, add stress on that equation and stuff just stops working at some point, time be damned, it's stress that kills.


I'm going to say screw it. I'm fixing up some old ass computers, selling them. Them getting some comic books and also selling them. Then scrape that plus my last paycheck and get a switch and fire emblem. My vacation is this month, dammit, not the next.


Do NOT sleep on Demon's Crest, Switch folks. It is a damn fine beast of a game and has a kickass soundtrack and superb spritework. Also you're literally the bad guy.


Square Enix has really been doing great work by putting their OSTs on Spotify. They recently got the Mana series tracks in there, even some rearranges of Chrono Trigger and everything. Laura included! https://open.spotify.com/album/3aH6GfSzEl0trQzpOWEX5D?


I feel like Kamiya's latest games have all been trying to us what sort of man he is all along: EDIT: I swear it took me like the entire day to get home and fix this, I swear. EDIT2: https://i.imgur.com/T0nrUJ9.png I swear, not the best day :(


And that college paper I wrote got a 9 out 10. At least ONE grade that wasn't an uphill battle, now that's a week start.


Howdy, folks! Now read that as if I were Woody from Toy Story, we good? I need some help regarding GIF making, I'm thinking of some blogs I've been wanting to write for a while, but know crap about video editing or gif making, any tips?


Monster Hunter's a weird place. You kill the monster you love so you get to wear it's skin. Yeah, that's... messed up. Also Zinzin is here and I'll be wearing his fur with much love and care when I'm done farming it next year on PC.


Last test in this semester today, don't think I'll pass, but I'll try my best. Didn't study as much as I should have, haven't felt the best to do either. But's that okay! More in comments.


https://store.steampowered.com/app/940910/Minoria/ Momodora's spiritual sequel is out! Same developer, too!


12 Pages, god knows how many bibliography links and citations and lord knows how many rewrites. That paper is on point, needs some final cuts and it's ready to ship. And hopefully get used for that thing next year or something. I want gold, damn it.


Laura's voice is so on point for me that this is the second song/cover of hers I binge non-stop this month.


I think I just used my entire stock of luck over the month passing Algebra without knowing crap from the 2nd half.


Normal ppl: do science Me: meme in the article. "The benefits conceivable on the elaboration of a machine capable of coming up with problems and solutions are a gateway to even more modern problems, requiring solutions as modern as themselves."


Nioh2? I want this more than I want Gravity Rush to make a comeback.


Big mood. Dare to try, dare to fail, dare to win, dare to try and never dare you'll fall and never get up again.


Seeing a Fire Emblem game receive this much positive attention has me feeling joy I can't quite describe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0SMWur1XHM I fell in love with the franchise since Awakening and Fates, I'm glad people are understanding why!


Every new Iceborne trailer that comes out, I must ask the same question. where the hell in this frozen wasteland must I go to find a super saiyan eletric doggo?


That college paper and stuff and things. Things didn't go well, I had to stay up all morning with a classmate to fix some ends, then pretty much guide/orientate/get the rest of them up to date and act like a commander. End result: One of the best on


I haven't grown up dealing with old computers, but after spending an entire morning dealing with a bunch of slow as snails DDR2s and less than 2GBs of Ram each... I am not really looking forward to having a 'oldies' machine. GOG deserves more love, dudes.


I just realized a freaking New 3DS has more Virtual Console capacity in it than a Switch. What the eff, Nintendo.


I don't know how ingrained Tetris is in my brain, because I'll always break the last record by going months without playing and theeen suddenly I'm on the zone again because sure, why not. Well I needed a positive start to my day anyway, so hooray.


The sequel to Momodora is launching 27th of August, so save some money y'all and get on it. Momodora is probably one of the most underrated series I've played, all four games are just better than they have any right to be.




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