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If only wishing could make them appear...

I'm stuck in a meeting that has nothing to do with me, for the next twenty minutes, and all I have with me is my phone. So how about a list? The recent news of a new Golden Sun game (I'm still absurdly happy over that) has made me think of...


Give Me Back My Horror Games!

The recent news about Shinji Mikami's plans to leave Platinum Games, form a new company, and possibly develop a new horror game, has reminded me of how much I used to love that genre. It seemed to really hit a high-point last-gen, but these...


Obligatory FFXIII Post

I'm going to go ahead and throw my opinion out there. FFXIII is "different". There's a specific kind of FF fan who has no tolerance for any FF that is different, and they can't look past that fact to see the well-crafted game, underneath. ...


About HEL105one of us since 3:22 PM on 07.09.2009

Hello! The name's Lewis, nice to meet you.

I've been playing games for as long as I can remember. Even before I got my own systems, I would go over to my cousin's house as often as possible to play his stuff. I love RPG's and fighting games with a passion, but there aren't many genres that I don't play from time to time. Sports, adventure, puzzle, racing...they're all good.

I can never decide whether Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy VI is my all-time favorite game. That's a decision no one should ever have to make. My favorite game series are Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, Resident Evil, Mass Effect and Soul Blade/Calibur. Hours and hours and hours of my life have gone into those franchises over the years. My favorite company in the game business growing up was Square, everything they released just seemed to be golden throughout my childhood.

I currently have a Xbox 360, New 3DS XL, Vita, PS3, SNES, and a Dreamcast. I'm a firm believer that the more consoles you have, the better off you are. My favorite systems that I've ever owned were my SNES and my PSone. I have entirely too many fond memories of days spent with those two.

My non-gaming interests include watching movies, listening to music, reading, and traveling. I'm about to start my second year of law school, I'm married, and I have a six year old daughter. I love dogs, but currently don't have one :-(