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Why Hello

Hello Destructoid! How have you guys been?

I've been pretty good. I've gotten a few new games, school is out, and I've been back to work on stuff for FreezeCracker. Recently my friend Carson and I got to interview Victor Lucas! That was surreal, considering how much I watched Judgment Day back when I was younger.

Anyway, game-wise I've gotten my 360 back, after being without Live for 2 months! Played some Gears of War 2, TF2, Viva Pinata: TiP, NBA Street Homecourt, and Blitz: The League II. As much as I hate the hardware, Microsoft definitely has some great games going for it.

Since I got it back, I've also began finishing uncompleted reviews I've had waiting. Such as:

Blitz: The League II

And UFC 2009 Undisputed

Any feedback on those would be great considering I have a lot of reviews lined-up waiting, like: You're in the Movies, NBA Street Homecourt, Resident Evil 5, Viva Pinata: TiP, and possibly next week Disney/Pixar's Up and Red Faction: Guerrilla.

Thanks guys! Hope to hear back from some of you in the comments!
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