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Continuing My Review Trend

Hey guys, how's everyone this weekend?
Well after many long hours and around 40 crashes from Powerdirector, I finally finished my Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts. Hope you guys enjoy!


Itís been ten years and the dysfunctional duo are back. Banjo and Kazooie, the bird and the bear who defeat the witch to save something are back. Yes, yes, itís been awhile and a lot of us missed them, so Rare decided itís time for a return. Should it be welcomed with open arms? Iíll tell you here.

Since itís been ten years since weíve seen them, it makes sense that Rare would incorporate that into the game, so hence at the beginning of the game Banjo and Kazooie are fat and unable to do much with themselves. Suddenly a loud crash is heard, and out comes Gruntyís head, the bloated Banjo and Kazooie muster up the energy to get to the sound to see Grunty. Grunty challenges the plump duo to a fight for Spiral Mountain, both sides prepare and a pause screen pops up. This is where the game really starts as this is where L.O.G. or Lord of Games comes in. After putting them in a challenge and watching both fail horribly, L.O.G. decides to help them out, he gives Grunty a body and Banjo and Kazooie a lean figure back, except he doesnít give back Kazooieís moves, instead he gives her a wrench. Yes, all the platforming youíve done with Kazooie ten years ago is gone. L.O.G. gives them vehicles and announces that because the duo are irrelevant to todayís game figures, they need to change it up. The duo and Grunty are sent to Showdown Town and must battle there.

Aren't we all like this now-a-days?

Now, why did I go for so long talking about the story? Well Rare gave itself a viable reason as to ditching the full platforming. Now youíre in vehicles, with occasional platforming, here and there. The vehicle aspect may seem hard to swallow, which at first it is. Everyone wants to see the two heroes fly or glide everywhere, not be confined to a vehicle. However, after the first world youíll start to get the hang of how the game works and youíll begin making crazy inventions on the fly and that is where the game really shines.

The gameplay is really expansive, although in the earlier quarter of the game it can feel actually stale. The reason for this is because you have very little parts available. Around world two, more parts begin to show and that is where the gameplay becomes the next Big Bang. A scenario here can be a simple flying through hoops challenge, you can either: A) build a really small and petite plane and hope you can avoid the rest of the chaos but never being able to surely pass everyone B) build a plane decked out with three jets and five engines to blow past everyone but risk running out of fuel somewhere C) build a large plane with a bunch of weapons to take out everyone but also becoming really slow. The ways to play the game branch out in many different directions and are fun to experiment with. That said, the challenges can get stale themselves. At times youíll have to race a lot, and that can get sort of annoying. Although this is easily passable as there are many different missions and you can pick which to do.

The town is huge and lively every part of day!

The environment in this game is absolutely beautiful. Everything is colorful and vibrant. The characters themselves are small and detailed in the huge world. Each world distinguishes itself with acts. In one act you can be playing in the afternoon, the next youíll be playing at dusk, with the final act being played at night. One world called the LogoBox720, which is a very interesting level with references to past Rare games and a cool glitch effect every now and then when you crash into some part of the world like a sound card, the screen fizzles out a bit. The graphics are easily some of the nicest in terms of being a cartoony game, being it shares the same engine Viva Pinata uses, except modified a little. The sound is also great, the tunes are brand new with little cuts of old music in past Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie levels, such as Mad Monster Mansion or Gruntyís Lair, even a new remix of the Banjo theme.

Once you play Klungo's game, you'll realize my score

Replayability isnít too huge, although the game offers about 150 missions leaving enough for one player to finish and even complete more. The online aspect doesnít help too much. Thereís a decent amount of quitters, matches take awhile to start up, and the multiplayer is hard to jump into unless youíve beaten the game and have some strong parts or saved a few vehicles. So unless youíre hungry for achievements or are a curious person, I recommend you steer clear of this, because the Banjo-Kazooie games arenít about multiplayer at heart, and the online mode seems like a little throw at to stop people from complaining about it if it was excluded.

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts doesnít get a lot of the praise it deserves. Itís a complete stray from the past segments of the series, which leaves a sour taste in peopleís mouths when they first play. This is sad as the game is huge and definitely offers more value than some other games on the market. Clocking in at $40 when released, this is definitely a good track that Rare has taken. I give this game a 9.3/10. The huge world and colorful characters in the series are brought back to life, while the gameplay leaves a little more to be desired.
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