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Calamitous Anticipations: PAX to the forefront!


It is almost that time of year again. Time for me to trim out a good two days of the first week of my fall semester, board a flight to Seattle, and enjoy the festivities of gaming geekdom with a twist of bonding and princess bondage:

Ahhh... PAX. In my mind, not only do you represent the culmination of all that is right about my beloved gaming lifestyle– you do it with certain finesse. If PAX was a person, I'd let them be the big spoon. And we would spoon naked.

Where else can my compatriots and I sample the delectable delicacies not fit for mortal eyes?

Or sample copious amounts of hell-forged Top Pot donuts, all whilst looking perfectly intellectual?

For those who have no notion what PAX is or have no inkling of coming out this yet, I implore you to come. http://www.paxsite.com/index.php

Last year was my first and the experience was a blast. I had the opportunity to meet several members of a close-knit sect of people I've played side by side(virtually) with for over half-a-decade. It was a pleasant experience to say the least. The panels and exhibitions were fantastic. There was free swag pretty much for all. The simplicity and no-nonsensical bullshit make it easily one of the best expos I have ever been to. Trust me– they've declared that PAX is a celebration more than anything... it is rightfully so. Three days of bliss, in which there is always something to do (concerts, tournies, freeplay, naked boogaloo dancing), located snugly in the downtown area of one of the most beautiful and cleanest major cities I've ever had the fortune of passing through.

I can only hope next year's East Coast PAX is equally as clean-cut and successful as its counterpart, as it'll be less taxing on my wallet.

P.S.: My only gripe was the incessant BO produced by some of the more 'hardcore' attendees. Please remember to shower before attending PAX. I sometimes get carried away in my midnight gaming forays as well, but let us not make others suffer.
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