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Cblogs of June 8th + Cobraisms


Before I get into the recap, I'm going to give something short here- I went to see Kung-Fu Panda. Ceark & Dexter were right- its good. And the best part about it is that its genuinely funny. I was a bit disappointed though- there was not a single "skidoosh" in the film. RevAnthony must be crushed.

I stayed a few minutes throughout the credits (which, by the way, are pretty cool in themselves- rather than the black scrolling text, there's art moving throughout the credits for the entire 10 minute thing pretty much.) and I saw a certain Dtoider's name. :D

Way to go, Ceark! I look forward to see your name in Monsters & Aliens in '09.

Although, when walking out of the theatre, I saw a poster that made me fear for the future-

Oh, fuck.

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So they posted a couple of new movie trailers on /film yesterday, and they're all pretty damn good. I mean, sure, I don't want to see Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, but thats still a pretty good trailer for what is essentially a sequel to a mediocre children's film. The other one is a WALL•E NBA TV spot that aired a while back. I already planned to see WALL•E, but this trailer just makes it seem even better. It mainly shows more intense sequences in the film, and shows that there is at least one human in the film, so the dialogue won't just be a sequence of inaudible blips and bleeps. I uploaded & embedded the videos below.

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa Trailer (HD) from Demi Adejuyigbe on Vimeo.

WALL•E NBA TV Spot from Demi Adejuyigbe on Vimeo.

/film also posted a link to a set of exclusive photos from Paul W.S. Anderson's remake of Death Race, which according to early reports, is a really good film. I'm skeptical, but I'll still probably check it out. By the way, the Happening spoilers are up on the internet. I won't link them, but they're super easy to find with a quick Google search. That film is going to be a complete piece of shit.

Steve Carell says he wants to do another Anchorman. I want them to do another anchorman as well. The first one was fucking hilarious, and Brick was by far one of the funniest characters in it. Sure, he's spawned a series of memes that no one likes to hear 50 million times, but it doesn't make the film any less entertaining.

Transformer II: Revenge of the Fallen set pics have been leaked. They're boring. We get a couple of shots of Transformers as vehicles, but nothing else. Beh.

There are new Hellboy II: The Golden Army trailers as well, though I personally think the first is better than the second, with the exception of "Good never looked so bad." Worst tagline ever- though "Over his red body" is a definite contender.

EDIT: It turns out these videos autoplay for some reason, so I'm just going to link them instead. hurr.

Huzzah! Iron Man is fighting Mandarin in the sequel!

Someone recreated famous classic photos in LEGOs from Iwo Jima flag raising to the protest in Tianamen Square.

Comcast had some exclusive HD videos for The Dark Knight, which up until now, only existed in the form of a download. I re-uploaded them to Vimeo to preserve it in its HD glory and embedded them below. The IMAX one shows a bit of new footage, as well as some behind the scenes looks at filming. I really like the clown mask one too, because it shows the development process behind the masks & character development behind the Joker's men.

"The Dark Knight" IMAX Promo (HD) from Demi Adejuyigbe on Vimeo.

The Dark Knight Clown Mask Promo (HD) from Demi Adejuyigbe on Vimeo.

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