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Cblogs of 06.22.08 + Cobraisms

I had to add this, because this saddened me almost as much as the Heston news- George Carlin passed away. :( R.I.P.

Short Cobraisms tonight- I just wanted to plug two videos- one showing off the coolest thing I've ever seen as far as a internet plug-in goes (PicLens - Firefox/Safari), and two, this awesome as hell video called "Where The Hell is Matt?" of a guy being sponsored by Stride to dance in 42 different countries. And he does it every year. Fucking awesome. It made me smile. Enjoy. Also, the recaps will be a bit early than usual because I have to wake up at 5 every morning. (Sorry Conrad!) By the way, the first video is a bit laggy because of the program I used, but in reality, it works beautifully.

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

Destructoid PicLens™ Demo from Demi Adejuyigbe on Vimeo.

P.S.- Mark Wahlberg is a fucking idiot. Good to know you missed out on Oceans Thirteen for fucking *spoiler*trees.*spoiler*
Also, what the fuck rhymes with Faxandu Clue Pan?


*-I'm pretty sure that coonskin has been a pick every time he blogs. Fucking narcs!
*-That Limbo of the Lost video made me laugh.
*-The only reason that I picked this one is because as soon as I opened this post, "Blake's Got a New Face" by Vampire Weekend started playing on iTunes.
*-"Ooh, you don't live in a castle, do you? Yoshi can't go in those."
*-How MGS4 Stacks Up Against Other 7th Generation Games

A-The Adventures of Cookie And Cream
S-Mini-Games: Devil May Cry
S-Random Musings
M-X-Men: Children of the Atom (unstoppablejuggernaut)
M-Atari ST (Perry Simm)
M-SNK's God Slayer Sonata of the Far Away Sky (SysiphusRock)
M-FUCKYEAH, POKEMON BLUE VERSION!(though I have fonder memories of Red :D - Chicken008)
M-Ganbare Goeman (Artemus)

C-Conrad's Too Lazy to Figure Out How to Give You A Dreamcast, Though The Easiest Solution Is To Give it To The Community's Resident Vaginal Inspection Snake [Ends in 24 Hours]

E-Get to Know a Community Member
E-Joe's Changing his Name
S-Everytime I think of Australia, I think of Mary Kate & Ashley, and then I start to vomit.
S-Jim Sterling is going to be famous
S-Valhalla in Unreal Tournament 3
C-Why Do Superhero Games Suck So Much?
C-An idea for a contest
C-The Albums Most Deserving of Rock Band Admission
C-More Albums to be in Rock Band
I-Welcome to Destructoid, InsaneSuicides! Here's to hoping you love it :D
I-Welcome to Destructoid, Spilt Milk! Enjoy the community- we're not all dicks!
I-Congrats on the new 360!

N-Shitar Zero: Aeroshit Shitlist Revealed... Shit
N-Wii Rock Band Problems Already?
N-Did you EverQuit EverQuest? Not EverAnymore!
N-Huzzah! No Disc Swapping in Forza III
V-Silent Hill 2 Parodies (ShickOuttaShape is back!)
R-The Longest Journey
T-Mass Effect is The New Bubsy 3D
T-Soul Bubbles (Which is actually really fun. Thanks to Topher for the suggestion to downl-I mean, buy it.)
T-Gaming Addictions
T-Spore Creature Creator (That cowslug is fucking cute.)
T-What if- Megaman Game Show
T-I have the same issue. I never really finish games before going onto others. I still haven't beat Max Payne, MGS2 for the Xbox, JSRF, GTAIV, Lego Indiana Jones, or Beautiful Katamari :(
T-Wait- Stephen Colbert is Phil Ken Sebben!? WHAT?!
T-Flea Markets Are A Treasure Trove of Retro Goodness
T-Ninja Gaiden is fucking difficult.

V-Oh, those crazy Scots.
C-I disagree: Penetration>Slippage
?-"I can tell from the pixels and from seeing a few shoops in my time." - Myxzptlk
?-*sigh* Metal Gear Solid 4 images.
?-Space Cat be damned!

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