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As Written By: Letters to the Editor, Part Three

Yo, GuuZilla. I'm a popular gaming icon who has recently become unemployed. I first became popular in the early 90's with my badass multiplayer and frenzied explosive action. As time went on, I became significantly less popular, despit...


Gamestop v. Destructoid? What is this, I don't even

So, another early morning Friday with no work, another jaunt to Gamestop's website to salivate over the immense release of games that I will never, ever be able to afford. Only this time, I stop on the front page. Something has caught my ey...


As Written By: Legal Notice - The L Block Lawsuit

From: Romanofski, Abiju & Miffler Law Offices To Whom It May Concern: This letter is a writ of intent, declaring a pending lawsuit made by our client The 3, 2 Shape, more commonly known as "The 'L' Block", against your client, the game o...


As Written By: An Editorial, "Pale Shelter"

Not long ago I was participating in this thread about the definition of the term "Hardcore Gamer". A few days later I saw "We Gamin' " in Destructainment. The thread got me thinking about how, while everyone was debating the definition of "...


As Written By: Letters to the Editor, Part Two

Dear GuuZilla, My name is Gato, I have metal joints. Beat me up and earn 15 silver points. Sincerely, Two Line Robot Dear Two Line, As much as I applaud your adherence to good manners, there was no need to introduce yourself by your giv...


As Written By: Letters to the Editor, Part One

Dear GuuZilla, I am a female bounty hunter of some renown. In my beginning days I largely played down my femininity due to a fear that sexism would prevent me from being taken seriously. Also, when fighting off the most powerful beasts i...


As Written By: From Peach, A Love Letter

My Dearest, Last week was fantastic. Once more, you have swept me off my feet. Our romance, though secret, blossoms, and I long await your inevitable return. Days in the castle are long and dull, gray in comparison to being...


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