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If anybody is interested in voting for the fan favorites for the so you think you can stream comp here's the link: https://eglive.typeform.com/to/GfWPetdE


Zombie and I made it to the semi finals of So You Think You Can Stream competition! Semis start the 17th of August!


Dang. I'm super proud of Zombie. He knocked his audition out of the park! Currently sits at the top of the leader-board and I hope he makes it into the next round!


Be sure to support zombie as his audition for the "So You Think You Can Stream" is today at 9 PM EST. Vote at twitch.tv/destructoid!


Hey everyone! The next streaming dtoid competition is rapidly approaching (August 2nd is the start date), and I'd love to see if more people from here sign up! You can stream pretty much whatever! Deets in the comments!


Playing some dead by daylight if anyone wants to stop by https://www.twitch.tv/perfectlybalancedgus


14 hours in game later, I finished Alien Isolation and promptly uninstalled, cause I hate horror/suspense games.


if anyone cares to take a gander I'm starting part 5 of my run through of Alien Isolation. twitch.tv/perfectlybalancedgus


Part 4 of my trek through alien isolation will begin at 9 PM EST. *Bump* Am live!


Thanks everyone who voted in the fan favorite portion of the competition. I did not win a slot, but you know who did? Zombie! He's going live 8 PM EST at twitch.tv/destructoid. Help him win!


Zombie and I have another chance in the So You Can Think You Can Stream competition by way of fan favorite! Vote her: https://eglive.typeform.com/to/c0a5opBY


*BUMP I'm live twitch.tv/perfectlybalancedgus*Part 2 of my attempt at alien isolation will commence tonight at 9 PM EST. Please keep me company and stop lawman for giving me advice that kills me


Thanks everyone who joined along! I'll do a part two soonish. Need to cuddle smokey and hide under the bed for a few days


Thank you so much to everyone who came out and watched the "So You Think You Can Stream" competition! I had some technical issues, but live and learn! I can't thank you all enough and I'm so happy to be part of this community!




Welp, I am once again asking for your help. I though I made affiliate yesterday, but I'm even closer. If you all wouldn't mind stopping by: https://www.twitch.tv/perfectlybalancedgus I'm on PS4, so no camera :( I'm also playing with Torch and Limo ;)


Hey everyone! I'm practicing for the So You Think You Can Stream competition, and it would mean a lot to me if you would all stop by. I am also very close to making affiliate, just need to get the views! https://www.twitch.tv/perfectlybalancedgus


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