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Apparently I'm not good enough for Spotify since I just download playlists onto my phone and listen offline since it turns out a dairy cooler gets shit reception


Presented without context




Paul W. S Anderson should make a Metroid movie starring Milla Jovovich because I just want to watch the world burn.


Just watched the Ace Combat Symphony and I got so many goosebumps! It was worth every penny!


Man, I miss old print ads for games.


Lo-Fi Hip Hop beats to relax/provide close air support to


Aww yeah, now I can ignore Smash TWICE as hard!


Lost Judgment (2021)


Damn, my second favorite Ace Combat turns 20 today!


Beat the Iki island expansion. This game still fuckin kicks ass! Might 100% the Iki content later.


You ever just think about how absolutely fucked the economy is in Ace Combat? Like, how much did it cost to build and operate an Arsenal Bird? Or the fucking Aigaion?! The Pentagon WISHES it had that big of a budget!


Just when I thought that Project Aces was done with AC7. They even added new BGM for the multiplayer that I don't play!


Nah, it's cool, Bandai Namco. Don't bother letting people outside of Japan buy the Ace Combat 25th anniversary stuff. I didn't even want to buy the patches or keychain anyway!


Current Status:


So I played Samurai Warriors 5 and it's decent enough but it just makes me want to play Kessen 3 again...


Just finished Judgment and hot damn that was a cheesy and fun finale! Also got 69% completion.


After being so bummed about Mario Golf I decided to boot up Everybody's Golf again. Now that's some good ass golf!


So far I'm finding Mario Golf to be subpar. Come on, Camelot, Everybody's Golf is RIGHT THERE.


Thanks for all the birthday wishes, guys! You're the best! Now go play Ace Combat!


So far my biggest complaint with EDF World Brothers is that you have to beat every mission on the hardest difficulty to unlock inferno difficulty. In older games you unlocked inferno just by completing the story.


So I started watching DS9 a few days ago out of curiosity and holy shit it's great so far! Sisko is the best!


Current Status:


So yeah, layered armor is nice to have again.


Showing off my lock screen because Ace Combat fucking rules


So I beat Monster Hunter Rise yesterday. My thoughts:


Got my first Covid vaccine. Didn't even feel the needle!


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