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Presented without comment


Mfw I saw the MHW stream. The slinger changes alone got me hyped.


The A-10 Thunderbolt II is hot. Change my mind.




And that's the campaign beaten without taking any damage! Now I just have to beat the campaign in under 4 hours then I can grind out any S ranks I missed. Ace Combat 7 is really good, y'all.


Posted without context because the context makes it so much worse.


I might have just dropped 200 bucks on a Nadeshiko figure... April 2020 can't get here fast enough.


I still can't believe Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain is so fucking bad Jesus Christ... HOW DID YUKES GET WORSE AFTER INSECT ARMAGEDDON?! At least IA felt like an EDF game. Iron Rain feels like a bad indie game.


Here's a summary of this seasons' anime lineup:


Time for some quality Ace Combat content. Also, Nagase was robbed!


Man, the new EDF is so disappointing. I wasn't expecting much since its made by Yukes but damn... There are just so many weird decisions. More in comments.






Sweet Jesus... So much Texas... Please let my local Whataburgers have it.




I gotta say my no damage run of Ace Combat 7 is easier than I was expecting so far. I mean, missions 19 and 20 are going to make me want to kill myself but at least getting to that point won't be an issue. Here's a multiplayer exclusive song I guess


So there's a new Atelier game where instead of being a boring old alchemist you get to run a village and make it prosper! Don't trust me with your finances!


Welp, I beat Ace Combat 7 using only machine guns. Time to do it without taking any damage!


So there's a new Sakura Wars and it's coming west? Didn't see that coming.


So there's an English version of the recent EDF:IR trailer and the voice acting is the worst it's ever been and I wouldn't have it any other way.


I swear to God getting an S rank on mission 9 of Ace Combat 7 is way harder than it should be. Especially on Ace difficulty.


Oh look, a Kemono Friends tie! Oh... The store doesn't accept cards issued overseas for some reason... Now I'm sad...


Qtoid is fixed! Post Friends!


Qtoid is broken! Post Friends!


Yeah, I picked Skarmory twice. Fuck you.


Playing through Ace Combat 7 again, this time using machine guns only. It was going just fine until mission 9 happened...


It's still weird hearing this during the credits of Ace Combat 7. Wait a second... The princess was singing this in a cutscene, the space elevator kinda resembles the Eiffel Tower... OH MY GOD ERUSEA IS FRANCE! #ViveLaErusea


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