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My Gaming Story: GunCastor's Blog

I blame my love of gaming on my parents. Yes, that's right, I wrote the word blame. As a hyper little child who pretended to fight evil as a Ninja Turtle, I was always running around armed with plastic weapons and pillows. Perhaps they were just looking for a way to have me sit still and be quiet for a while or maybe they themselves were amazed by the interactiveness of it all. Whatever the reason, they have created a lifelong addiction that they have ceased to understand and have long given up on trying to separating me from my gaming devices.

My first exposure began when I was four years old, I sat down in front of the television belonging to a friend of my parents. They wanted to show us a new piece of cutting edge technology, something he was sure everyone would love. The machine was called the Nintendo Entertainment System and the name of the game was Duck Hunt. I don't even remember the guy's face anymore but I do remember spending the rest of the day blasting ducks out of the sky. I was an addict on day one and incurable on all counts.

My parents saw how excited I was and got me my own NES for reasons still unknown to me. It came with Mario/Duck Hunt, which many other gamers remember fondly. Days were spent with me playing Bubble Bobble and Ninja Turtles with my mom. I would spend the nights playing Super Mario 3 with my dad, after he had come home from work. I was even given a Gameboy, the very first old clunky version, when we started to travel out of town more for vacations. Maru's Mission became my favorite game in the car or airplane.

I went through videogames randomly, I would only get a new one on special occasions and when my grades were exceptionally good. I would play a lot of videogames but would guess blindly on quality of the game based on the cover art. At most, I only found about half of the games I chose to be of my liking. My parents would start to play videogames with me less and less, I started to talk to friends at school about videogames more and more.

In fifth grade, I heard of a new game coming out from a friend with his beloved Nintendo Power. In this game, one catches monsters they find in the wild to battle other monsters. It offered customization on an unheard of level compared to any of my older games. This was right before the Pokemon craze hit America and I was intrigued from the start. I eventually got Red Version, starting my eternal love affair of turn-based RPG's and Pokemon at the same time.

I talked about this one game with friends until we finished it and captured every single monster, I began to receive videogame news from them. Eventually, I found out that my older cousin had Nintendo Power and I would steal into his room to read them. It was my only source of videogame news until I was hooked up to the internet a few years later.

It all started with my parents being shown Duck Hunt and them getting me my first videogame. Now they merely shake their head as I put hours and hours of my life "taking turns hitting each other." I could have spent my time doing other other activities but I spent all my spare time on videogames instead. There's just no other feeling like booting up my game console (or portable gaming device) with the game of my desire in it. I become lost in the world of the game for a few precious moments, my troubles all forgotten. I then crash back into the real world, filled with homework, studying, part-time jobs, and other responsibilities. 

People tell me that I spend too much time playing videogames. I can only blame my parents.
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