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Tempest 4,000 according to amazon now has a release date. Hopefully this is legitimate.


So THQNordiq is skipping E3 to watch the World Cup. How has this not been covered on an article here yet? It sounds delightfully weird and the comments would be interesting.


I can't wait to see Avengers Infinity War.


What would right now happen if the Japanese Splatfest was Americanized?


Rad Rodgers is coming out in 2 days on console and somehow the ESRB managed to make it really clear that kids should never purchase it. Either this is an error or already in content alone this is more mature than Stick of Truth or God of War.


Bubsy is 8 bucks on psn. Is it worth it now to just have guests point out why the hell do you own this when you boot up the ps4?


Is this video's trailer name a sign that Shaq Fu A Legend Reborn is out this month? If yeah my body is ready.


OH GOD EVERYONE IS DOWN BUT.... Destructoid Google and Youtube. Huh


I have tried many times to get into Cave Story but never was able to finish it through playing its many ports. Would the switch version be the best version of Cave Story and is it possible the port is so good I can ignore that it's the most expensive one?


Okay I tried the new Zelda at a target and it just didn't work for me. I'm considering Bloodborne since I loved the Nioh demo. Would that be a better alternative or is there another 3D Zelda I could try? Or does Breath of the Wild get better over time?


What happened to Shaq Fu A Legend Reborn? If the bubster can be unleashed upon the galaxy then where's Shaq? Even the ps4 trophies have been revealed already.


Just watched the Megaman CN leaked opening. Despite Megaman fans bitching I might actually watch it. Sheesh the one time I can't enjoy a franchise because the fandom ruins it with so much endless complaining. Show will probably be sobaditsgood though.


Soooo just bought Mirrors Edge Catalyst and the internet is mixed on it. Should I be cautiously optimistic about it or just delete it? I never finished the first game.


Please let Captain Rainbows translation be good. I don't want it where it ends up worse than Zwei II's protagonist shoehorning damn and asshole into a lot of his dialogue in an otherwise cute game. Then again Captain Rainbow's already vulgar in Japanese?


Soooo the Xbox One X is my first Xbax console. What else to look forward to other than Sunset Overdrive Rare Replay and the only Dead Rising 3 to have Super Dead Rising 3?


... How was the new Bubsy an alright platformer with decent boss fights when the others in the series were marred by control issues? My faith in Shaq Fu 2 has increased. Don't let me down future ironic gaming genre video games.


Okay this has nothing to do with gaming but Michael Bay is making a Dora the Explorer movie. All I can say is it better be as intense as this short.


Yes. The game of the century is almost here. Bokosuka Wars II. With that and Bubsy we have been blessed this month.


I hope Hat in Time does the opposite of YL where it starts off tat but gets better. And good god devs don't cause another Jontron controversy. I will gladly judge the game on its own merits.


Recently I came back to Yooka Laylee and finished it. How do you start off so okay but as it goes on breaks my spirit have a final boss so unbelievably horrible and end up lasting so long I stopped caring about it? The Spongebob PS2 games were better!


If a kids show can make fun of Social Justice Warriors then why can't South Park do its thing it's always done without abandon? Yes that happened. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5XOaYMkz5Cc


Can't believe we live in a timeline where Candy Crush got more episodes than the You Don't Know Jack gameshow.


Is Batman Arkham Knight drowned in too many car sections as the internet claims. For 10 bucks I kinda want it. Or Lego Batman 3 if that'll be more worth it.


Yippee Kirby Battle Royale is coming out. I still wanted an amazing mirror 2 but I guess I'm the only person that liked that game so I'll take what I can get. Still 2.5d Kirby Metroidvania with online multiplayer. (X╭╮X)


You've got to be kitten me! Where's my Shaq Fu 2 Steelbook Copy at?


I hope the OK KO videogame is awesome. I miss compentently done paid for console beatemups. Every console beatemup now wants to be the next Castle Crashers when cloning the Castle Crashers gameplay alone does not make a fun beatemup game imo.


Can someone tell me how to check how many silver medals I've collected in Sonic Mania? I read online that you can check show many you collected on a menu but can't find anything. Also I need the amount of medals to unlock the Puyo Puyo mode if possible


Ok so apparently despite being bashed everywhere on the Internet when it was revealed the AllController has succeeded its campaign in 3 days. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1811189679/all-controller-universal-and-fully-customizable


All this talk of the new Jumanji movie and I'm like this is practically a Pitfall movie that's a better adaptation of Pitfall than the mobile endless runner called Pitfall that lifts a lot from Temple Run.


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