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Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Silhouette Speculation: Marvel

NOTE: I was going to write/post this yesterday but my power was off all day so if this seems late/old sue me. How many blogs do I write a year? GIMME A BREAK!

I'm basing all of my analysis off of these three pices of art:

What I'll call "logo silhouettes"...

Shinkiro's poster...

& the "group shot"

So two things to keep in mind.

1. It's pretty obvious the characters are split between their respective companies behind the logos.
2. All of the characters in the logo silhouettes are the same characters that appear in silhouette on Shinkiro's poster.

Let's get straight to it...

Who I think it is: Captain America

Visual Cues: This one is pretty obvious. Those are totally wings on his helmet, he has a bulky belt consistent with many versions of Cap, and those boots are flared exactly like Cap's.

Why: Well that's pretty obvious too. Besides being in previous Vs games, Cap is one of the main faces of Marvel and it would be crazy not to include him. Not to mention he has a big movie coming out next year.


Who I think it is: Dr Doom

Visual Cues: That hood is very consistent with Dr Doom as well as what looks like a cape.

Why: Dr Doom is definitely a fan favorite from the last games and one of the biggest villains in Marvel. Doom is a lock.


Who I think it is: Deadpool

Visual Cues: The biggest things are the double swords on the back along with the form fitting mask. Combine that with the bulky wrist silhouette and that's totally Deadpool.

Why: Deadpool is at his all time most popular within the comics rivaling even Wolverine for appearances throughout the Marvel U. Plus he's become mainstream popular thanks to his appearance in the movie Wolverine: Origins.


Who I think it is: Super Skrull

Visual Cues: The big pointy ears and the pointy shoulder things are both consistent with Super Skrull. This could have been Thanos if not for the silhouette on Shinkiro's poster which clearly shows an enlarged blocky fist just like the Super Skrull uses to emulate the Thing's power.

Why: Super Skrull is awesome because he(it) can replicate ALL of the Fantastic 4's powers thus giving us a character that can represent them in the game without taking up four character slots. Because of this though, I wouldn't expect any of the Fantastic 4 to show up as playable characters.


Who I think it is: Dormammu

Visual Cues: So this is the one that's probably been the most up for debate. Yes, the Shinkiro poster makes it seem like a flame head which makes everyone go "Ghost Rider!". But Ghost rider doesn't have droopy spikes coming out of his shoulders like that. You know who has spikes just like that AND has a flaming head? Dormammu. Also look at the legs of the silhouette on the logo card. You can clearly make out that the character is wearing something like a cape which is something Ghost Rider has never done. Again, guess who has? Dormammu. Plus that pose looks kind of familiar doesn't it?

Why: Dormammu seems like an obscure choice but remember, the last Vs game gave us both Blackheart and Shuma Gorath which are both characters who are thematically along the same lines and are arguably more obscure. I have a feeling Dormammu will be filling this demon/occult slot and Blackheart and Shuma are both out.

Tomorrow I'll give you my take on the Capcom side.
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