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An Interesting New MMORPG Currently Flying Under the Radar


It's called Blade & Soul (formerly known as Project M) and everything in that trailer is in-game game play footage. I've seen it mentioned here and there a little but no one really seems to be talking about it (maybe because it's a Korean MMO from NCSoft). But after seeing that trailer, I don't see how anyone couldn't be at least interested in knowing more about the game. Everything about Blade & Soul seems to be the break from the WoW model of MMORPGS that I desperately wish for.

A few little factoids:

*It's running on Unreal Engine 3

*The focus is a bit more on the individual though there will be quests that require parties. There won't be any huge raid parties though.

*It's about a 50/50 split on the focus between PvP and PvE.

*At the moment there are only two revealed races: the Jin (sword wielding mana users) and the Gon (a fist-fighting race)

*There won't be the set traditional classes (tank, healer, ranged DPS, etc). Instead the classes will be a mix of those types.

*Attack angles matter and damage will depend on what position you attack the opponent.

*Though the trailer made the combat look kind of turn based, that was only done for the trailer.

*The running on walls parts are an actual skill that all races can use and, from the sounds of things, can be used pretty much anywhere.

“The first thing I wanted to avoid was the wallpaper like background which you can see but not explore. I hate the concept of players following a predetermined path. I want the environment to be accessible and interactive with players. We are making areas where you can only access with the flying skill. “

*They've been working on it for about 2 years, it's about 50% done, and though they have no planned release date, they hope to go in to closed beta by the end of the 2009.

*It's rumored that this is one of the MMOs that NCSoft plans on bringing to the PS3. Though the developer denies it, he had this to say:

“There's nothing specific about the plan. We only have 60 developers which is just enough to make the PC version. I would like to [make a PS3 version], but some things can't be done. We are discussing with other platform companies as well. “

So it sounds pretty awesome to me. Ever since PSO, I've been dying to get in to another MMO and WoW just doesn't do it for me (neither does any other MMO that plays like it). Unfortunately Age of Conan seems to be a flash in the plan, and Tabula Rasa is dead which leaves me waiting for the Old Republic MMO, The Agency, APB, and the two super hero MMOs (Champions Online and DC Universe Online) as alternatives. Hopefully this one will be good. I just wish it wasn't so far out.

Here's a link to a pretty in depth interview with the devs with more info and screen shots:
Blade & Soul Interview
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