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You know its time for a new job when you get tears of joy putting your two weeks in. :)


Whats your opinion on the water levels from the 2d Mario games?


Do people like Morrowind still? Because I may stream some Morrowind In the coming days.


What are ya plans for this evening!? I plan on scaring my gf and myself into the New Year with some RES7!


My back catalog is daunting that I just... I just want to.. Buy another game to forget about my back catalog!


Where is my PhantasyStar 1-4 collection on Switch?! I NEEED IT!


Pixle Art or Hand Drawn?


What do you love and hate about 2d platform/metroidvania games?


Are there any good racing games for the switch other than Mario Kart??


Anybody else notice that the ps4 pro has been out of stock for almost a month now? Not a word from Sony either.


I sometimes dream of playing Marvel vs Capcom 2 on the Switch. Its a wonderful dream.


I like to write creepy stories that dont make the most sense. Would the Blog be an appropriate place for that???


Does anybody else have a problem with finishing games. I have a huge back catalog and I keep acquiring games. Not sure why I do it, maybe I just don't like endings. On a side note, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is fantastic hahaha.


There are too many good games to play! ARGH!


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