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Work doodles 3/18/9

I'm fighting a fever, so hopefully it will effect my brain and I'll come up with even more jacked up and more horrible drawings, we'll see what happens. Here's today's batch o' drawings! A fight that I'm sure breaks out quite often in Con...


Work doodles 3/13/9

Alright folks, last batch before the weekend! So I tried to make it decent. Also I don't know if you'll be seeing many doodles from me next week, as I'll be focusing on coloring as much art as I can. Although, if I can find time to fit some...


Work doodles 3/12/9

With all the drawings I've done lately, I've started to think about the games I've played and what art or characters I can use from them. Thankfully, this is yielding ideas, I just need to stock up on reference material and I'll be good to ...


Work doodles 3/11/9

Middle of the week... Hindsight, I should have saved yesterday's drawings for hump day, but oh well, here's today's batch... As yesterday, I'll hopefully have the scanned version up by midday.... Depending on how late I sleep in. Edit: I sl...


Work doodles 3/9/9

Not much in way of drawings today sadly, only 4, I did some others but they didn't live up to what I had in my head, so I have to redraw them, but I'll make up for it tomorrow by sharing something pretty damn epic. I'm not sure where this...


work doodles 3/6/9 (acutally scanned!)

Turns out the gf can scan my drawings at her job, so you all get scanned stuff this time, and I'll post the link for everything else at the end of the blog! This was my last drawing of the night, I took a chance on drawing the big ape, an...


Work doodles 3/5/9

Busy last night, so couldn't get the amount or quality I wanted out of my head, but here's what I managed to get. When bears decide not to fight crazy Russians anymore.... I only had 4 drawings total, which I didn't feel like it was quit...


Work doodles 3/4/9(with Rev Anthony art)

Another day of work, another batch of drawing. These are more for me practicing my characters and getting their costumes down, but a couple that are still fun... Letsago! EDIT: I replaced all the old photos of my art with the quality scan...


More worktime ramdom videogame doodles

Oddly, I've spent more time drawing video games then I have playing them this last week... Sad... Anyhoo, here's the latest batch. (once again, sorry bout the quality) EDIT: I replaced all the old photos of my art with the quality scans o...


A bearded Samurai for Y0j1mb0

Larger version here As requested in my last art post, here's a quick drawing I did for Y0j1mb0. Since I've seen Yojimbo several times (The movie, not the Y0j1mb0 himself), I figured I'd take advantage of that. If you have to ask where hi...


Work doodles (Video Game Art!) Also a zombie.

Sometimes I get bored on my breaks at work, last night I drew a couple Street Fighter doodles after listening to Podtoid. Being Broke, I still don't have a scanner(but it's on the top of my list), so the quality is super lame. I'll reupload...


My gaming set up v2.0

Having just moved and gotten a room strictly for my geek stuff, I decided it would be an epic room. I'm working on it. It is not epic yet, but it is a place I can unwind and relax with some retro or new games. I shared my old set up with yo...


Gentleman Dinosaur

So the female brought to my attention act like T-rex day will be coming up in April 4th, and she wanted me to draw one for her so she can put it on a shirt. So I figured, hell, while I'm drawing her a Dinosaur, I can give our friend, Mr. Ge...


Finished and final Mr. Destructoid

Not having a tablet or a scanner really made this a pain in the butt... But I'm finished with the thing. Overall I'm fairly pleased with it... I haven't done anything in this art format for awhile, so it was like getting my sea legs back. B...


Mr. Destuctoid with ladies drawing

After my first doodle at work (which is here), it was pointed out that I messed up, because Mr. Destructoid did not have ladies hanging off his arms. So I did a quick drawing and fixed this problem Once again, sorry, no working scanner, so...


Random Mr. Destructoid doodle artish type thing

Forgive my lack of scanner, I just moved and don't know where the wires are. Anyhow I got bored at work and this image of Mr. Destructoid popped into my head, so I did a quick 15 minute sketch and this is what the outcome of that was. I mig...


Ten things you didn't know about GrumpyTurtle

Far be it from me to not wanna be like the cool kids. So here's the list of my 10 things you don't know about me... Prepare for massive amounts of mediocre meh!! 10. I've put more hours into Tetris then any other game ever. I don't know h...


Weekend's Swag

So I just moved, and have a room strictly for gaming and just being a big old nerd really(photos to come when I'm done furnishing it), and I have a decent sized collection of games, except for NES, I barely have any of those. So this week...


My so-so gaming setup

My gaming set up is nothing too fancy, better then what I had when I was younger, better then some, but no where near as nice as many of the people on here. So anyway I figured I'd share with people who will understand my love for gaming, s...


Going back to my old SNES games

So I cleaned out my dad's old house this week, and found some of my old SNES games I thought I had lost. So I figured I'd revisit them, and play them again, see what the adult me thinks of them now that my views have changed in what I enjoy...


Dusty Zombies: A creepy Puppet Project (NVGR)

I realize this should probably go on the forums, but I had to share, I just found this via gorillamask.net and knew people on here would probably enjoy it as much as I did..... That or find it stupid and lame, either way. ZOMBIE PUPPETS!


Strong Bad's CGfAP

I've been a fan of Homestarrunner.com since someone turned me onto it way back at Strong Bad E-mail number 36(Currently at 198). So how does the game stack up when compared to other point and clicks? Or my beloved H*R.com? I had to make ro...


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