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Location: Always the Urbanite

I love living in the city - while many resent the crowded streets, the tall buildings and the subtle background notes of consumerism and pollution, it's what I grew up around, and I couldn't live any differently. What's more, no two citi...


Weighing in on Women Protagonists

Like all media telling a story, characters in video games require detail and definition - especially player characters. It's not just the gameplay mechanics that make up your digital avatar; exploration into interesting costume design, back...


TGS: Marketing Hype Machines (Of Which I am a Cog)

While games expos like the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) are meant to be a great draw of enthusiast interest - where announcements for new titles and demos for elusive ones come to light - a bitter part of me is jealous that I don't get to be par...


About GrooveManone of us since 3:40 PM on 09.12.2011

Yo, I am GrooveMan (or Nathan), an amateur games journalist, a linguistics student, and a lover of ice cream in roughly equal measures. I like my RPGs action-oriented, my settings Cyberpunk, and my multiplayer experiences local. My gaming habits and my interest in 'Phat Basslines and Sick Beats' means I have a huge collection and memory for video game music; which I'm not entirely sure if I should be ashamed of.

I got into gaming really late, about early-mid N64 era. My uncle had a Sega Mega Drive, but I remember Alex Kidd scaring the bejeezus outta me. My most loved console has definitely been the DS (The library! The innovation! The World Ends With You!), and my favourite genre is the Action JRPG. I'm constantly on the lookout for rare PS2 games that I've not played - and I almost always end up not finishing them. Often, I find myself not fully enjoying games unless there's someone else to share the experience with. My childhood was based on a foundation of Mario Kart 64, Mario Party 2 and Pokémon Stadium, so it saddens me when games don't have local multiplayer - when they would do a few generations ago.

While I withhold my opinions on whether games are art or not; I definitely believe they can be explored a lot more as an entertainment medium, and writing about 'em is the best way to share my findings - and hopefully get others to think more about the media they consume. I'm totally fascinated by Narrative Mechanics and minority representation at the moment.

I've been writing about games and tech for about 3 years, and I'd love to turn it into a full career one day. An archive of all my writing projects can be found on my (other) blog, Specs and Headphones.