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My Adventure In Gaming
Hi my name is Evan I have made games apart of my life for 13 years. The adventure begins at the age of six when I made my first console friend named, SNES. SNES and I had goods time jumping on koopas, catching goons on fire, and beating the hell out of guys while eating barbecue out of rusty garbage can.

Then around 8 years old, I met the console I still play every so often, the N64. Shooting enemies with a gun that is made of real gold to jumping on 3D koopas, this system gives me a reason why gaming will always be a hobby of mine. Even though the graphics are not up today's demanding standard, the memorizes of playing games on this system will forces me to keep on coming back to relive the good times.

At the age of 11, I became buddies with the Gamecube. At the beginning, everything was great; The first game I got was Super Smash Bros Melee. A year later I picked up The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Custom Robo, Resident Evil 4, and a few other games. After this happened, the problem appeared, there was not too many good games were coming out. I held out through the dark time in gaming hobby, hoping for good games to come out.

It was Christmas morning, I was 13 and as happy as I can be. Then one thing leaded to another as I ripped presents viciously, throwing clothes aside hoping to get the toys I asked for. Finally it came down to me and a heavy box that I had no idea what was inside. I finally opened it, insert Zelda chest opening music, it was a PC. I rejoiced as some lady plugged in everything to get working, and was surfing on the internet with 512MB of ram in no time. The first PC game I played was a game I seen my brother playing when I was younger, Counter-Strike. The experienced from playing online was amazing and created chapters in my game hobby. It was amazing getting my first head shot to joining my first online clan, it was simply great.

I was around 15 years of age when I seen my brother playing The Orange Box on the Xbox 360. After I seen my brother play it enough times, I decided to get a 360 myself and play with him. It has been 3 years since and luckily only one xbox got shit canned. My saga in gaming continues...