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The Hunt for Halo Achievements

We've all done it. You get a game, play the hell out of it, but then something in the back of your mind says "hey you, you should totally get all those achievements." You then say to yourself, "But why? Gamerscore is just a number and it'll take hours to get done" to which your mind replies "JUST DO IT ALREADY!" That didn't happen to you? Oh, well maybe that's just me, but sometimes I just get so into a game I cannot rest until have 100% in it. I don't get this way for PS3 games and their trophies, just Xbox Live Achievements. Maybe it's because I wasn't into sports as a kid so the appeal of getting as Trophy is lost on me. I do, however, like to achieve things.

I, GrimmTrixX, want to, and will earn, every Halo game achievement legitimately and without boosting. I would rather miss out on some achievements in this series than earn them by boosting. I am NOT knocking anyone who has and/or will boost to get them, not at all. This is just my personal preference and goal for myself. Boost all you want, I've been tempted to but haven't yet.

I have been a Halo fan since a few months after it's initial release on Xbox. I got my original Xbox about 3 months after it came out, and my fist 2 games were Dead or Alive 3 and Halo. I bought Halo because "meh this game looks kind of cool" knowing nothing about it. Little did I know, 11+ years later, I would be addicted to the game and the Halo Universe as a whole.

Ever since Halo: Combat Evolved I was hooked on this series, before it even became a series. I love sci-fi stories and I just got all wrapped up into it. I used to do 12-16 player LAN parties with my friends and even used Xbox Connect which allowed you to play Halo": CE online because it tricked your Xbox into thinking it was system linked. Halo:CE is still my most favorite game. I've beaten it on normal, heroic, and legendary solo, but also legendary on co-op and while it was super hard, that was an achievement to myself that I had to do, even though no proof is able to be seen.

My first and only 100% in Halo so far is with halo 3:ODST. This doesn't really come as a surprise, as it is the easiest game in which to get 100%. But I played for hours and the 2 vidmaster achievements SUCKED. Two times I had a disconnect trying to get one of the achievements that takes a minimum of 2.5 hrs to get, but I finally got it on the 3rds time. But that's one down and 4 to go.

So this goes on down the line through out the Halo series to my point in time as it is right now. With Halo 4 coming November 6th, 2012 I made a solemn vow: I want to legitimately earn every single Halo achievement in Halo 3, ODST, Halo Wars, Halo Reach, an Halo Anniversary. I don't know WHY I feel I have to do this, but regardless the feeling is there and I must follow through.

About a few months ago I started focusing on Halo 3. My main reasoning behind this was, how much longer will Halo 3 be playable online? So I trudged through, slowly but surely getting some here and there until now I have 1 achievement left: "Save This film," which means I have to get a Perfection (15 kills no deaths) in a Slayer match on a Mythic Map. Yikes. Now I am not a horrible Halo 3 player (pay no attention to my Halo 3 rank as I have demolished it with constant backing out of matches to get the achievement) but never in my life have I gone Anything and 0, let alone 15-0. So this is a tough one. I haven't really tried at it much though, since I was too busy trying to get friggin Orbital to show up so I could try and get 2 Deaths from the Grave. Now after I write this blog I am going to play Halo 3 for a little bit in a vain attempt at this. Will I be successful, who knows, but I will try.

Alongside this Halo 3 madness, however, lurks Halo Reach. I had about 20 achievements left but I have since knocked them down to an attainable 7 and here they are:
- Make It Rain: Purchase an item for a Lt. Colonel in the Armory
- Totally Worth it: Double Kill from the Grave on any map
- You Ate all the Chips: Collect all flags in matchmade Stockpile on a Defiant Map
- Candy from a Baby: Capture 2 flags from an enemy capture zone in Stockpile on a Defiant Map
- Don't Touch That: Do not let the enemy touch the Flag in 1-flag CTF on a Defiant Map
- Paper Beats Rock: Assassinate a player after using Armor Lock on a Defiant Map
- All Alone: Be the last man standing in Infection on a Defiant map
- Stick it to the man: Stick and kill the flag carrier on an Anniversary map

That's it. That's all she wrote. This is all I need to have 100% in Halo: 3 and Reach. So here are my problems/hurdles I am encountering. Now, some won't be too hard thanks to Squad DLC existing and occasionally a flag match shows up, but the sad thing is, in other playlists, NO ONE ever picks Stockpile. Also, hardly anyone uses Armor Lock and, while I'm at it, no one picks flag in anniversary maps. So I am almost at somewhat of an impasse. The double kill from grave is one that will just happen in a random FFA match as will the "Make it rain" achievement since that just comes with time. But the rest could be hit or miss.

But my deadline is not until November 5th, the day before Halo 4. So I think I could be done in 6 months. I still have every Anniversary achievement to get as far as single player goes (it sucks I JUST beat Halo 1 on Legendary about 6 months ago), as well as a handful of Halo wars offline achievements, but they can be done at any time, unlike the online achievements which become harder as time moves forward.

Anyone else do stuff like this sometimes before a new game comes out? Also before October I need to beat Assassin's Creed 1, 2, Brotherhood AND Revelations since I own them all but honestly I made it halfway thru AC1 and haven't gone back. I want to, but I keep getting sidetracked. But with how amazing Assassin's Creed 3 looks, I will do it. I have also had a hankering to beat all of the resident evil games before RE6 comes out (even though I've beaten them all before), but it all depends on Halo.

So if anyone sees me online, my gamertag is GrimmTrixX. I am not looking to boost in Halo, as so far I have earned every single Halo achievement legitimately, no boosting. Hell I got the first 1000 Halo 3 achievement points before they added any extras from the DLC maps, but sadly I slacked on the others and am making up for it while I still can. If you want to play with/against me, I'll be jumping around from Squad DLC, to Anniversary Classic/BTB/FFA with a single goal to get achievements. Don't give them to me, I just might need help controlling the vote to get stockpile and flag matches so I can even try to earn them.

Hey! Tell me your stories about achievement hunting in the comments! I only hunt the games that call to me such as Dead Rising, Halo, and Lost Odyssey, but I have fun with other games as well. I'd love to hear if you guys have had similar experiences in Halo or other games! And I am off to attempt some more Halo 3 and/or Reach Achievements. Damn I gotta get going on Halo: Anniversary! 0%? For shame.

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