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GrimmTrixX @ PAX East 2012 - Day 3

Sadly, PAX East 2012 had to come to an end sooner or later. I am home, basking in the glory of the 3 day video game filled weekend and have yet 1 more day of fun to tell you all about. While today was not without its problems (waiting in line for Spec Ops for 2 hours to play a 30 min demo which I will tell you more about), I still had a great time. At the end I have a handful of pictures from today (and some from the other 2 days). So let me run it down for you on some of my key points of the day:

High Points:
- Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Why didn't anyone tell me this game existed?! Take elite beat agents play style, mix it with TONS of Final Fantasy I-Final Fantasy XIII music, add in fun cutesy versions of all our favorite characters and enemies from the series, and there is Theatrhythm Final Fantasy for the 3DS! I mean I only played one winged angel and it was fun as hell. I am a big nerd about video game music and have always wished for something like this and it is happening! It was the very last thing I played at PAX too so it was a good way to end my PAX adventure. I will 100% be getting this game when it comes out in the summer time. Side-note: As I waited in line I spoke to a guy also waiting and he seemed cool. So when he played the game I spoke with the guy behind me. We got to talking about what we like about the FF series and it's music. As I left he gave me his card and I gave him mine. When I got home, it turns out he is an associate editor for Udon entertainment, which I thought was awesome.

- Super Time Force: This game is cool beyond words. I spoke with the game's creator and told him "This game is like Contra x100" and the guy said he liked it and might use that. Now I am sure he was just having fun and simply enjoyed my comment but I am super excited about this game. Basically you try and get through the level without dying. One hit will kill you but if this happens...it's not over. The level rewinds to the very beginning and you play again, however, the turn you just took still happens. Yes, you fight alongside a ghost version of your previous attempt through the level. Whatever you did that turn, still happens, so you can focus on other things all until you beat the level. There was about 4 character types to choose from including an 80s guy with a grenade launcher named Jeff Leppard. I love time travel and this is just about the coolest thing I have ever seen. Check this shiz out in 8-12 months. I hope this gets the recognition it deserves. http://www.supertimeforce.com/

- Guacamelee: You read that right. You play as a luchador named Juan (or some female luchador(a) whose name I didn't see mentioned) and you fight an evil fire headed villain named Flame Face. You can turn into a chicken also to get through tight spots. The game is filed with Mexican stereotypes but it's hilarious in dialogue and fun in style. The game is a side scrolling beat em up. You face poncho wearing skeletons and other such enemies, and face the dual pistol holding Flame Face in the demo. This is one to check out. http://guacamelee.com/

- Diabolical Pitch: I am not very well versed in the ways of Kinect as of yet. I only played one about 2 times so this was still a new experience. But in this game you are a pitcher fighting zombies and other such creatures. You aim with your left hand and throw with your right (you can choose to swap that if you are a lefty). When you build a meter up, you lift both hands over your head and swing your right hand to unleash a super move that you chose prior to the level. It was a very unique game idea and I for one enjoyed it.

- Awesomenauts: If the name alone didn't scream awesome, then the game surely will. The game is 3v3 and the object, at least in the level I played, was to destroy your opponents turrets first. You can choose from 6 characters and they each have different weapons and special moves. It had a great cartoon style and zany action that will definitely be a fun game to play with friends online. They also chose the best way to respawn... being dropped in a drop pod from a spaceship. Awesome. http://awesomenauts.com/

- They Bleed Pixels: Here we have a very old school style game. The game is made of pixels and you play as a goth chick with red claws on her hands. You rip apart these black shadowy figures and other such baddies with your claws, kicking them into spiked ceilings or saw blade, or booting them into walls of spikes. As you do this you have to get blood orbs to build up a checkpoint meter. once it's filled, you then stand still for a second and the girl will make a checkpoint. This way if you die you don't start all over. It's simple indie fun and I want the world to know about it because it was very enjoyable. http://theybleedpixels.com/

Low Points:
- Spec Ops The Line: Maybe it's because I am not a huge war game player, but the game was so-so. I waited in line for 2 hours (and the line was the shortest of all the big attractions) to play a WAY too long demo. I'm sorry, when I think demo, I think 10-15 minutes tops. If you can't show me the gist of your game in that time, the rest feels like you're forcing it on me. It's your standard affair: run/walk, find cover, shoot enemies, wash rinse repeat. You can perform executions which range from shot in the head to snapping a neck with your boot and perhaps more I am unsure. You can rappel down lines or go across zip line,s but this is a "Press A" thing and they do it automatically after that. The game is portrayed well with camera angles going one minute from a cinematic then right into the game seamlessly which is cool I guess. There is also blood but its your normal everyday spray when you hit them. Heads can be popped off but the head just kind of disappears. Sure there's blood to make it seem cooler than it is, but it was a one minute the head is there then the next its not type of situation, Soldier of Fortune this game is not (and I mean SoF2, not the garbage we last got). I predict the game will sell alright depending on the final product, but after 10 minutes I wanted to stop, but I forced myself to play it all since I waited for 2 hours, thus wasting 1/4th of my last day at PAX.

- No worthy merch: So I ventured to the merch area one last time. Now I enjoy a good Penny Arcade comic now and again, but I am not in love with them or anything. I have enough t-shirts before going to PAX, let alone actually spending money on some while I am there. The few things I wanted were expensive (but in retrospect a mug shaped like a Mega Man Energy Canister would've been cool, $35 cool I am not sure, but I do somewhat regret it).

- Not being able to see things I wanted to see: Long story short, I missed Aliens: Colonial Marines, Lollipop Chainsaw, Firefall, Borderlands and Max Payne 3. The lines were just way too long and on my last day, and having already lost 2.5 hours on Spec Ops, I wasn't about to do the same. At 4:30pm EST I got in line for Aliens. They gave us the the Alien bandana/scarf thing, I waited 15-20 min, the line didn't budge, so I felt my last hour and a half was better spent elsewhere.

There is still more to talk about, which I will do in the next couple of days, just in a different format. I received some cards to sites with free games made by video game design students from different colleges so that's something I'll check out and report back to you all. I stayed away from PC games simply because that is not my thing, but this all pretty much sums up my 3 days at PAX East 2012. So as promised, here's a whole slew of more images, complete with my last day of swag at the very bottom. Enjoy! Comment if you have questions!

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