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10 Things Unbeknowst to you all about GrimmTrixX

So I decided I'll bite. Everyone here's gotta have at least ONE of these 10 facts" type blogs, right? Isn't it some unwritten rule under the TOS? In any event, I figured why the hell not bare my soul and tell you some unknown things about me, mostly pertaining to gaming.

10.) My first video game system was Atari at age 4: Now that I am almost 29 years old, I will have had 25 years of gaming under my belt. On my 4th birthday my dad gave me his Atari 2600 (I later got my own Atari 7800). I didn't hit NES til about age 5 or 6. But after all these year, here I sit, still a gamer and I love it. It's so weird to start with a 1 button joystick, and now have 14 or so buttons on a controller.

9.) The only Zelda games I have beaten are Link's Awakening and Ocarina of time: Now you all know my dirty secret. While I love the Legend of Zelda series, these are the only 2 games I have completed from beginning to end. I've literally played halfway through LoZ1, Majora, Wind Waker, and even link to the past, but have never finished them. I don't know what it is, if I lose interest or get sidetracked with other things, but its true. My goal this summer is to chronologically beat every Zelda game now that we have an official chronology from Nintendo (and I own every single Zelda game there is to own in their original format). But again, only time will tell, and also only time will permit me to attempt this feat.

8.) I don't like Gears of War or Mass Effect: Ok.. you're allowed to murder me if you wish, but just keep in mind, not everyone loves the same games. As someone pointed out in one of my other blogs, they hated Enchanted Arms, while I love that game. To each his/her own I guess right? I tried, I really did. I liked GoW1, but GoW2 multiplayer... I don't know, something about it I didn't enjoy. I mean I like Horde mode enough, but the story bores me, I don't like the short and stocky/overly muscular style of the characters, and all I hear is Bender when Marcus talks because I am a die hard Futurama fan so I just can't take him seriously. I keep expecting him to say "hot diggity daffodil" or "bite my shiny metal ass". Mass Effect... I don't know, maybe I'd like ME2 and 3, but ME 1...where your character can't get better with a weapon after using it more often if I want to use Adept and have omniblade type stuff is dumb. I wanted to have the cool powers but also use weapons. I cannot use the handgun the WHOLE game alongside the powers. I want my cake and to eat it too since.. you know.. why have cake if you can't eat it? At some point I'll trudge through (since I own Gow1 and 2 and I own ME 1 and 2) as I'm sure they get better, but right now, I am not into it.

7.) I almost won the Blockbuster Video tournament in my area as a kid: When Blockbuster video did one of their first tournaments, I entered. The tournament was on sega genesis and SNES but you could only enter 1. SNES had Donkey Kong Country. They had a special cart that went from level to level and the object was to collect the most bananas. For 3 weeks the tournament ran and the first 2 weeks I had the high score. But apparently the rules were the highest score overall after the 3 weeks won, it was NOT cumulative. Now I was a kid so I had no clue, my dad still beats himself up over not reading the official rules. I lost by like 20 bananas, which I probably could've beaten but I didn't think anything of it because I thought it was cumulative.

6.) I used to work at Game Crazy for 5 years: Back in 2005 a Game Crazy opened up half a mile from my house. I was working at CVS at the time and I took a $1 pay cut to work at Game Crazy. While the management sucked and corporate office idiots were a bunch of non-gaming morons, the atmosphere was awesome. We could play games in downtime, customers could try ANY game they wanted except for M rated games (but if kids weren't in the store we allowed it), we got TONS of free stuff from preorders gifts (but at my store at least, we only took them if all preorders were fulfilled; hand to God). We ran tournaments in street fighter games like Capcom vs SNK 2 (which we also played on a daily basis for years along with SF3: Third strike). We also were addicted to DBZ Tenkaichi 1 and 2 for the longest time. But in those 5 years I got tons of games which I mention at my #1 fact about me. Also, when Game Crazy closed, I technically transferred to Hollywood video since in my branch they closed the video side almost 2 months after Game Crazy. I wanted to stay until the end since I started at this job on the 4th day the store was open, and I stayed until its final day. Thankfully I did this because we could hold things the WHOLE time. I got about 30-40 games and 20 movies for $0.80-1 each, all new except for a few used but perfect condition games and rental movies, and I got about 50 strategy guides for FREE. That's my greatest moment in video game deals. lol

5.) I have a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design: It took me 7 years since I took a break in between and also have a certificate in web design/animation from the now defunct Gibbs College. It's one of those things where you know you want to work with video games in the future but aren't sure what to choose. I chose Computer Science, but hate programming. So I figured Art was the way to go, I mean I liked to draw so I said what the hell. So I got my Bachelor's degree in Art with a focus on Graphic Design... and I am doing nothing with it. I've come to the realization I love talking about and playing games, but when it comes to programming or trying to artistically draw things, they don't come out how my brain sees them and I just don't feel it. I wish I did more focus on journalism or writing, which I am trying to get into by blogging a lot more all over the internet. Practice makes perfect right? So while my ultimate goal is to work for a reviewing website doing articles and reviews, I will start from the bottom and work my way up like everyone else.

4.) I had a college radio show for almost 3 years: You heard me right, my first 2 and a half years of going to Rhode Island College, I had a radio show. For a year and a half I had a co-host and our show was called TrixX and Patricide (her name was Patricia). Then I went solo, keeping my radio/online moniker of TrixX (But known as GrimmTrixX on AOL and eventually on Xbox live when that first started). I did a metal show from 8pm-10pm and some semesters it was 10pm-12am. I loved it and am thinking about bringing that back in the fall since Alumni can have radio shows too. I am trying to get a video game music show instead, but I don't know if they allow it due to rights to songs and also companies give them music to play sometimes. If not maybe I'll stick with a revival of my metal show, but this time as my current and now forever online alias, GrimmTrixX.

3.) Chris Cornell is my all time favorite musician: I have been a fan of Soundgarden since the release of Superunknown. That album is what got me into rock music and eventually metal as well. But Chris Cornell has an awesome range in his voice which makes him my favorite artist. I have all of his solo stuff as well as Soundgarden, which is my all time favorite band. It took about 15 years but I saw Soundgarden live on their reunion tour in Mansfield, Massachusetts and I had seats maybe 15 rows from the front and was dead center. I knew all the words to every song they played and they played EVERY SINGLE song I wanted to hear, even the obscure ones like "4th of July" and "Slaves and bulldozers. This was the last concert I went to... and personally.. I want it to be the final concert I EVER see, except for maybe Soundagrden tour for the new album they're working on! Hell Yes!

2.) I am addicted to the Star Trek Universe: I don't go around dressing like Starfleet captains or anything but I do love the Star Trek Universe. I was recently Spock for Halloween. I had to literally force myself to stop watching TNG and DS9 because I've seen both series 4 times each. That's not including watching them as a kid, that's just counting watching my complete series DVDs over and over. Thank god for Star Trek the Animated Series filling in my star trek fix for now since it's the only star trek series I haven't watched yet. But if you want to talk Star Trek, I am your man.

1.) I own over 2350 different video games: Yes, you heard correctly, I am a video game collector. Working at a video game store (Game Crazy R.I.P.) for 5 years helped my sickness for collecting to grow exponentially. I own every system from Atari 2600-PS3. Sure there's some I don't own like jaguar, colecovision, intellivision, 3DO, CD-i, Neo Geo, and the rest, but I own every mainstream system there is/was (except Vita but I will eventually). I have hundreds of video game strategy guides and art books, as well as other random video game paraphernalia. I am hopelessly addicted to collecting and playing games. My collecting speed has diminished the last couple years due to Game Crazy closing back in 2010. Also not being a millionaire kind of stops you in your tracks, but I do still get games when the deals are amazing thanks to My collection is mostly made up of old school games, but the system that I own the most games for is PS2 at 269 games with NES games at a fairly close second with 236 games.

So yea, there's some food for thought if anyone was curious to know a little bit more about me and my video game nerdiness, amongst other things. Also, Poets of the Fall is an awesome band. That is all.
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About GrimmTrixXone of us since 2:11 AM on 08.17.2010

My name is Eric and I am a 31 year old video game collector. I have been playing games since I was 4 years old starting with Atari and have gotten all of the main stream systems from then until now throughout the years. I currently have over 2600+ games in my collection spanning over 20+ systems from Atari to Wii U. I am a big collector of video game related things in general such as t-shirts, some figures, posters and other such stuff.

I was a former Game Crazy (former video game store; attached to Hollywood video) employee for 5 years before the company went bankrupt in June of 2010.

I enjoy video game music, be it original scores, symphony, chiptune, remixes, or whatever else. I also listen to metal/hard rock. I am currently listening to bands like Poets of the Fall, Skillet, and Mudvayne. My all time favorite band is Soundgarden, and my all time favorite artist is Chris Cornell.

I am also a wicked sci-fi nerd, primarily Star Trek. I also love Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate SG-1, Sliders, etc..etc..
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