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The Top 25 All-Time Best Wii Games (#10-6)


Nintendo has just announced the pricing and release date of the Wii U. It's like, two months away! In the meantime, I'm counting down my very favourite games for the original Wii, that I played over the last six (!!!) years. I'm now into the top 10!

These games are so good I ended up writing, like, twice as much for them as for the previous games. I expect at least twice as many comments! :p

#10! The House of the Dead: Overkill

This game is beautiful, visually and thematically. The theme of Fragile is loneliness, and it's executed brilliantly. And I don't think I've ever seen a prettier sky in a game (it's such a good sky!)... Fragile is a game that requires patience – it's certainly not the most polished game around, and it can be incredibly slow-paced, but if you're open to its ideas... god, I love this game so much. One of the game's features is the presence of collectible 'memory-items', scattered throughout the game's levels, all with little sad stories attached to them – and it's a brilliant device for setting the game's mood. And then, as you run through and explore the environments on this abandoned Earth, your flashlight subtlely bringing out the beauty in the World, and as you interact with your current companion, always pretextually, for they are only ever ghosts or robots... there is never any question about Seto's quiet struggle.

I enjoy the combat well enough for the most part, but it's the exploration, and the game's pervading mood that makes being in the world so compelling, that are really what make the game great. The story and characters too, are quite memorable, and the climax won't disappoint. It's a thoroughly incredible game, and one definitely not like any other. It's most certainly not for everybody, but for me, it's one of the ultimate examples of this kind of 'special' gaming experience that I play as many video games as I do in the hopes of chancing upon.

And that's all for now. Only one post left to go! Are you excited?!?!


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