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Do I Suck At Video Games?

I have been playing video games all my life and at this point, I would like to think that I have a good grasp on them. I mean, with countless hours of gameplay logged over the years in everything from shooters to strategy, one would be le...


Bayonetta Delivers The Goods In 2010

This Year, I fell in love with Bayonetta. Itís not a perfect game. In fact, itís not even close. But regardless, my game of the year is Bayonetta quite simply because it was the game last year that left the biggest impact on me personally...


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Few people to be summed up in a sentence, but I'm not one of those people. I am geek and my name is Gregory Rogers. There, I said it. that's me in one sentence. I love everything about geeks and the culture that surrounds them. It all started when I was very young picking up my dad's game boy to play an obscure puzzle game called Quirk. I loved it so much that the following Christmas my parents got me a super Nintendo, starting me on my journey through the wonderful world of video games. From there, video games served as my introduction to into the world of geek culture which quickly took over my life. I developed a love for computers and the technology around them, learning how to live out my wildest dreams through the magic of a computer screen. Although it never gets lumped in with the "common" geek very often, there is definitely a geek factor to music which, in recent years, has taken over my life. In both playing music and listening to it, I am slave to the technique behind it all from how an amp works to keeping my 11,000 song library in tip top condition. Most recently, I have branched off into one of the geekiest of hobbies: movies, which I find myself becoming involved with more and more than music and video games. I love to watch documentaries and movies with a lot of style to them such as those of Quentin Tarantino and Stanley Kubrick. From a personal side, I love to speak and discuss with people who have various opinions on topics. This love for discussion has probably fuelled my love for debate which, as of late, takes up a large portion of my time as I prepare for topics and panels. Finally, writing. I would describe my writing style as extremely unconventional. I prefer to take a vastly different approach to a writing topic and put my own stylized spin on whatever it is.