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We went to this SUPER hipster restaurant for breakfast. It made me uncomfortable, but the people watchinf was good. And the food was excellent! Hedgie got a croissant and it was heavenly.


"There's nothing better than the view from the top of the food chain."


MRW when people say they like the Gamecube controller


Preety bad. Still, could be worse. In 1838, Governor Lilburn Boggs ordered the extermination of Mormons.


Do you think before games, movies, or photographs, people blamed baroque music for violence?


Thanks for the advice and kind words, friends. I went ahead and set up an appointment with my doctor.


I think I might have depression. If you've ever had depression, please read the details in the comments and give me some feedback if you're able. I could really use it and it would be greatly appreciated.


I've decided to quit my job and become a professional pirate


Avatar The Last Airbender may be getting a Blu Ray release in May! *crosses fingers*


It also didnt have any little people, Native Americans, or Russians that I recall. Not every film needs to have a perfect representation of every group of people on the planet.


There's sadism, there's masochism, and then there's this.


Watching silly game show answers is one of my main hobbies. Discovered this compilation yesterday and it is brilliant!


Happy President's Day to the greatest President in history


Good morning everyone. I hope you all have a great week! Pic unrelated.


Introducing the wife to Kingdom Hearts. Figured this was the best place to start to explain the plot.


One word review of Black Panther: Toto. Spoiler free thoughts in the comments


Im having fits. This is really cheering me up on this crap day.


My work has decided to crack down amd forbid using streaming services, even on your own devices (except during breaks). My favorite thing about my job is now gone. What a great day.


I'm moving to a different desk at work. The girl. taking mt desk asked if she could put some of her things on my desk last night. I said that was fine and that she could move my stuff out of the way. UPDATE: she apologized, so I can live with that.


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