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Mario+Rabbids is going for $30 on Walmart.com today! You now have no excuse for not owning it


Any recommendations for gaming/pop culture/nerdiness podcasts?


Good morning everyone. Here's your positive thought for the day.


A couple years ago, there was middle aged man walking down the street of a busy road where I grew up. He was on the sidewalk. A speeding car jumped the curb, hit him, and killed him. Life is short and you just don't know when your number is gonna come up.


Fantastic review of Detroit Become Human. I wasn't interested in the game before watching this, but now I very much am.


It's nice to see businesses reach out to graduates


Upfronts were last week (where all the TV networks release trailers for next year's new shows). Not a single one interests me. It's gonna be a crap year for TV.


Up at 4 a.m. with violent diarrhea. So enjoy this comic.


Little life update in the comments for anyone interested


I wish the shopkeeper was playable in Hyrule Warriors. So OP


Never knew I wanted this. But I really want this. Link in comments.


The music is the unsung hero of Hyrule Warriors. It's incredible.


There was once a cologne made to smell of play doh.


This is an astonishingly accurate graphical representation of my life


Just finished re-reading The Phantom Tollbooth. It's my favorite book of all time.


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